Can you grind spices in a NutriBullet | 7 steps

Elon has a very creative mind. He loves to explore things and experiment with different ideas. Today he asked me: Can you grind spices in a Nutribullet? I was amazed at his question. What an IQ level he got. We always make shakes, smoothies, soups, or sauces with the help of a Nutribullet blender, but we have never tried to grind spices in a Nutribullet before.

can you grind spices in a nutribullet
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It’s the time to do something new, something exciting, and let’s find the answer to the Elon’s question: can you grind spices in a Nutribullet or not:

Can you grind spices in a Nutribullet?

Homemade grounded spices give your dishes a whole new taste and aroma, while readymade ones can not. They are healthy and pure as compared to readymade species. They are commonly used in the main course dishes like biryani, butter chicken or mutton stew, etc.

So let’s start the experiment and see can you grind the spices in a Nutribullet:

  • Gather all the necessary spices to grind, like cinnamon sticks, cloves, black pepper, chili flakes, etc.
  • Put the desired quantity in the Nutribullet blender.
  • Now cover the blender and attach it to the base properly.
  • It’s time to grind the spices in a Nutribullet blender.
  • When you see that your spices are entirely converted into powder form, switch off your blender.
  • Remove the blender from the base and pour the spices into a jar or a bowl. 
  • Use them as per your need or store them for later use. 
Can you grind spices in a Nutribullet?
Can you grind spices in a Nutribullet?

Isn’t it a simple experiment? Yeah, it’s pretty simple and full of fun. By following this process, you can easily make grounded spices at your home and give a whole new flavor to your dishes within no minute. 

Nutribullet is the perfect blender to perform this activity as Nutribullet has a variety named Nutribullet pro, a bullet-style blender designed to grind spices quickly and perfectly. It has flat, sharp blades which work wonders whenever you think of grinding spices firmly. It has a powerful motor and compact capacity that pulverizes the hard ingredient without hassle. The other remarkable feature of this blender is you can easily wash this blender by removing it from the base.

How to use grounded spices?

Grounded spices are generally used to give a delightful taste to your dishes, providing the best aroma. They are used in culinary activities. Grounded spices include turmeric powder, chili flakes powder, cloves powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, etc. You can use grounded spices in various cooking items, especially garnering biryani, butter chicken, steaks, and many other beef dishes or meat. 

Related FAQS

Can Nutribullet be used for dry ingredients?

Nutribullet is undoubtedly the best blender to blend dry ingredients like nuts, ginger, garlic, or spices. It is the best-selling blender with fantastic speed and quality sharp blades. You will feel zero hassle while using Nutribullet for dry ingredients.

Why is Nutribullet the perfect choice for grinding spices?

Nutribullet pro, a bullet-style blender, is and perfect blender for grinding spices firmly because it has sharp stainless steel blades with quality motor speed and compact structure. The compact design and limited space of the blender help spices to grind perfectly and convert into powder form easily.

Which Nutribullet blender is best for grinding spices?

Nutribullet Rx, according to some customer reviews, is the best Nutribullet blender for grinding spices perfectly. It has a milling stainless steel blade with a powerful motor that helps to convert the whole ground spices into a powdered form within a few minutes.

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How to buy the best blender for grinding spices?

Before buying the best blender for grinding spices, many factors are necessary to keep in mind. These are:


Speed is the fundamental factor that needs to be considered when buying the best Nutribullet blender for grinding spices. The blender must have command in grinding the perfect spices in powdered form and must have sharp stainless steel blades which will not get dull after grinding.


Nobody can buy expensive kitchen appliances repeatedly, so you should consider the durability factor while purchasing the best Nutribullet kitchen blender. The more durable the thing, the more you will love to use it.


Stainless steel blades work wonders for firmly grinding spices like cardamom, coriander, turmeric, and chili flakes. 


Nutribullet is considered the best blender for grinding spices due to its sharp stainless steel blades and durable quality. It has a wide range of amazing blenders that can be bought for grinding spices so that you can enjoy homemade spice powder to give your dishes a whole new taste.

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