How to make tomato paste with a blender

Quick survey Do you wanna know how to make tomato paste with a blender? Do blenders are useful in making tomato paste? It is not a strange thing as nowadays kitchen appliances are the comfort of our kitchen. We cannot work without them and according to the Statista an estimated 39 thousand people in Spain … Read more

10 steps How to clean a blender with vinegar

are ninja good blender?

Just imagine! You want a perfect delightful strawberry shake and you just have it but now it’s the time to wash the blender but it’s the point where you become completely blank about how to get rid of this milky smell. It becomes possible if you wash the blender with vinegar. But the thing is … Read more

How To Clean Ninja Blender Blades – 2 Secrets

how to clean ninja blender blades

Really? Does it seem difficult to you how to clean Ninja blender blades whenever you use them in your kitchen? Sometimes you want to have a delicious bowl of soup or a mouth-watering shake or any type of slush but due to the fear of cleaning blender blades, you kill your desire. So, here have … Read more