Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender Yes!

A company named SharkNinja is divided into two categories: Shark and Ninja. Shark is the vacuum cleaners manufacturer and Ninja is the manufacturer of kitchen appliances like blenders, coffeemakers, air fryers, etc.

Ninja brand has amazing quality blenders with highly professional crushing power which pulverizes the ice into snow-like consistency and helps you make delicious smoothies. It is a versatile blender having the ability to perform various functions smoothly. It has sharp great quality blades which help you chop, crush and blend different ingredients easily. But Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender? Because it is made up of chickpeas and as a result, it has a creamy and sticky consistency that sticks to your blender blades and pitcher too hard. The answer to this question is explained below in detail:

Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender
Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender?

Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender?

Hummus is a thick creamy paste made up of chickpeas but you also add tahini sesame seeds and lemon juice in it for making it flavourful. Some people love to add police oil or mustard oil to it and you can also add garlic. It is the favorite food of Middle Easterns and the Mediterranean. So Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender to fulfill your craving?

The answer is Yes, you can easily make hummus in a Ninja blender and can save your time and effort. Because Ninja is a well-known, efficient blender that can handle hard as well as soft creamy ingredients. And the Ninja blender will give you perfect results for thick creamy hummus due to its highly professional motor and amazing speed with sharp hard blades. Read below a step-by-step guide on how to make hummus in a Ninja blender.

Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender
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How to make hummus in a Ninja blender?

Making hummus with the help of a blender is too simple. You need some selected ingredients and you can make hummus and enjoy it with Fattoush, Grilled fish, Eggplant caviar, or Moroccan carrot salad. The steps of making hummus are given below:

  • You need a bag of white chickpeas(garbanzo peas), tahini sauce( paste of sesame seeds), olive oil, fresh garlic(optional), lemon juice(optional), salt, and cumin powder(optional).
  • Put all the chickpeas into the Ninja blender(remember to wash chickpeas well and dry them). You can boil them before blending to make them a bit soft.
  • Add all the other ingredients with the chickpeas into the Ninja blender and cover the lid well.
  • Blend all the ingredients well until it becomes smooth, thick, and creamy in texture.
  • Pour all the hummus into the bowl and enjoy it.
Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender

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Try to use freshly bought or homemade ingredients for flavourful hummus. It is recommended to soak chickpeas in baking soda water overnight for prompt and desired hummus as result. It’s better to chop garlic so that it can mix well into the hummus paste. Use a high-powered blender like Ninja for this kind of activity. And by following the above steps and some useful tips you can make mouth-watering hummus for yourself and your family.

Hummus Recipes

Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender by using different recipes? The simple method of making hummus is by adding chickpeas, sesame oil, tahini sauce, and a pinch of salt with some olive oil. But in this century, you can explore amazing and delicious recipes if making hummus to try different tastes. Some of them are mentioned below:

Chocolate hummus

It is a kind of sweet hummus with a tremendous ingredient: chocolate. It is rich in protein and pretty simple to make.

  • Gather chickpeas, chocolate, and tahini sauce.
  • Put all the ingredients into the blender and add some olive oil to it.
  • Blend well and enjoy chocolate hummus with biscuits or pita.
Can you make hummus in a Ninja blender

Hummus with parsley

Parsley is a green veggie that is healthy to eat. If you made hummus with parsley then nothing is more beneficial for you than this.

  • Add beautiful white chickpeas and silky parsley into the blender.
  • It’s better to add some water to it for smooth blending of the mixture.
  • Blend well until your parsley hummus gets smooth and thick in texture.

Instant pot hummus

This is a quick recipe of hummus including peppadew pepper, artichoke, and spinach into the simple recipe of blender mentioned above.

Is Hummus good for you?

Hummus has unbelievable benefits. It is the best to have as a snack, it is mainly made up of chickpeas namely garbanzo beans which are rich in protein and fiber. It has a good quantity of carbs and fats that make you healthy. It helps you fight inflammation, maintain your digestive system, decrease heart problems, improve your blood and sugar levels and help you lose weight to a great extent.

Related FAQs

Best appliance to make Hummus?

Generally, a food processor is often used to make hummus but you can also use blenders if you don’t own a food processor or your food processor got technical issues or anything, you can choose blenders for this purpose as it is also the best choice ever. The result is hummus made up from a blender is also perfect. You will get a thick creamy textured hummus with the help of blenders.

Why is my Hummus not blending?

Sometimes chickpeas create trouble in blending or you can say you will phase hurdles in blending hummus to resolve this issue you can add little water to your dry mixture and also add oil with the chickpeas. Remember, always try a high-powered blender for this kind of recipe.

Can I use blenders instead of food processors to make hummus?

You can surely use blenders instead of food processors to make hummus, you will see no change in the consistency and smoothness of hummus when you use blenders.

What to use instead of tahini in hummus?

You don’t need to always have tahini to make hummus or everyone like the taste of it so what can he substitute? You can use sesame oil, avocado or cashew, and almond butter instead of tahini sauce( it is made up of sesame seeds).

How long does hummus last?

You can store homemade hummus for up to 10 days but for the store-bought hummus, things will be changed. You can store store-bought hummus for more than a month because it contains artificial reservations in it.


If you want to know: can you make hummus in a Ninja blender to enjoy healthy food then this guide is perfect for you. This guide not only answers your question but also helps you make hummus in a few simple steps and enables you to explore different recipes of hummus to enjoy flavourful hummus in your daily life.

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