Do an immersion blender scratch pots 9 tips

Immersion blenders are versatile kitchen appliances used to perform various kitchen activities in less time and with less energy. But everything has its pros and cons and the question raised for an immersion blender is Do an immersion blender scratch pots? To explore the answer to this question read this guide till the end.

Immersion blenders are a type of hand blender with a motor on one side and blades on another side which is used to blend different ingredients directly into your container or pot without any hustle.

Do an immersion blender scratch pots
Do an immersion blender scratch pots?

Question: Do an immersion blender scratch pots?

Because immersion blenders are used to blend ingredients directly into the pot or container so they can scratch pots within a second if they touch the bottom surface of your pots. But some immersion blenders have silicone guards in them which keep them from scratching your pot’s surfaces.

Silicone guards are plastic guards designed to prevent scratches, they cover the bottom steel part of the blender completely and help it move without leaving a single scratch mark.

If your blender doesn’t have one, you can buy it from the market to avoid scratching your pots. Let’s discuss in further detail why your immersion blender scratch pots?

Do an immersion blender scratch pots
Do an immersion blender scratch pots?

Why immersion blender scratch pots?

Immersion blenders are wonderful kitchen appliances but their major throwback is they scratch your precious expensive and good-looking pots while blending ingredients and because you can use these blenders directly into the container or pots. The stainless steel blade part of the immersion blender gets touched by the bottom surface of your pot and while blending your food and rotating in a circular direction it leaves unremovable scratches on your pot.

what are the uses of immersion blenders
Do an immersion blender scratch pots?

But you can avoid them by using immersion blenders carefully. Read below how to use an immersion blender carefully?

How do you use an immersion blender carefully?

After exploring Do an immersion blender scratch pots you need to know some precautions to avoid such mishaps. The precautions are following:

Silicone guard

In this fast-growing era, there is a solution to every problem. And for preventing scratches from the pots you can buy a silicone guard or plastic guard for preventing immersion blenders from scratching. In an immersion blender, the direct contact is with the housing of the blender which leaves marks so a silicone guard is designed to cover that housing to avoid scratches.

Use plastic container

Immersion blenders are made up of steel and when you use them in steel pots or containers they scratch your pots. The other solution to prevent scratches from the pots is to use plastic containers or pots so that your tell immersion blender can not leave a mark on them.

Don’t let your blender touch the bottom surface

It is advised to run the blender on the center surface rather than to use it on the bottom surface of the container. This technique helps you not touch the surface of the blender and you can easily prevent scratching your pots.

Use an immersion blender at an angle

The other trick to avoid scratching your pots is to use an immersion blender at an angle. Using an immersion blender at an angle prevents it from touching the bottom of the pot and thus it helps to avoid scratching. 

Avoid non-stick container

Non-Stick containers are not suitable to use an immersion blender to run them. Nonstick pots are coated with a layer that can be ruined by immersion blender housing and damage your pots with a blink of an eye. It is better to use other pots than nonstick if you want to use immersion blenders directly into the pots.

Avoid small portion foods

Small portion food is a challenge to blend with the help of an immersion blender because when you put a small portion of food your immersion blender will touch the bottom surface of the blender again and again and it will ruin your pots by scratching it. So better to blend food in bulk if you are using immersion blenders for blending.

Use a plastic immersion blender

You can switch to a plastic immersion blender if you want to avoid scratching your favorite pots. But it is not a good option because plastic blenders are cheaper but they have low-power motors they are not durable and they don’t give desired results after blending.

Avoid using glass bowls

Whenever you use an immersion blender into a glass bowl they will not get scratched for blender but there is a chance that they will get shatter and a big mess will be created for you and your food will also get ruined so better not to take risk of using glass bowls for immersion blenders.

Start with slow speed

When you start blending with a lower speed you can easily cut or chop your food and your blender will not get into contact with the bottom surface of your pot but if you start blending at a high speed then instead of cutting your food your blender will directly get contact with your pot and leave scratches in your pot.

Do all immersion blender scratch pots?

The answer is no. Only a stainless steel blender when used in steel pots will scratch your pots. 

  • The immersion blender made up of plastic will not scratch your pots.
  • An immersion blender with a silicone guard will not ruin your pot.

Best immersion blender that does not scratches pots

If you think about buying an immersion blender that does not scratch your pots and comes with silicone guards then go for the KitchenAid immersion blender. It has a BPA-free jar and it comes with a silicone guard to protect your pots from scratching. It is a cordless blender with a variety of different colors and a high blending speed.

You can buy any other well-known and highly professional blender like Vitamix or Nutribullet immersion blenders with a safety silicone guard for their steel housing to prevent scratching your pots.

Related FAQs

What should you not use an immersion blender for?

Immersion blenders are multi-purpose blenders that can do almost all your kitchen tasks easily but you should not use an immersion blender for crushing ice, making frozen fruit smoothies, blending hot liquids like soups, and chopping nuts. These things can damage your immersion blender blades.

Can an immersion blender replace a food processor?

You can use an immersion blender instead of the food processor but your immersion blender must be high-powered and you can not use it for every other thing like you cannot chop food with the help of an immersion blender but you can use a food processor for this purpose. Every appliance has its importance but in case of an emergency, immersion blenders can be used as food processors. 

Are immersion blenders detachable?

Some immersion blenders are detachable that provide you easy to operate and easy-to-clean facility. These immersion blenders include Cuisinart immersion blenders, KitchenAid immersion blenders, and Vitamix immersion blenders.

Is a hand blender better than regular blenders?

Immersion blenders are similar to regular blenders even if they are easy to use than regular blenders but they are not as high in power as regular blenders and they can not be used for all the activities which regular blenders can use like crushing ice, chopping nuts, and making frozen fruit smoothies.

Can you use an immersion blender in cast iron?

Immersion blenders can not be used for cast iron because it will scratch the enamel and ruin your product on the other hand it will also make your blender blades dull. 


If you are wondering, do an immersion blender scratch pots so it will definitely but if you use it with care and precautions then the result will be different and in this guide the details about why immersion blenders scratch pots and how to avoid it is explained in detail.

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