How to make flour using a blender 5 easy steps

It is common to use store-bought flour for daily use but if you have a blender then don’t you think it is better to make flour at home by using a blender for a healthy life But how to make flour using a blender? is a mystery. In this guide, you will explore the best method to make flour at home by using a blender. 

Benefits of whole grain

Making flour by using a blender is pretty easy. You just need a whole grain and you can go. Whole grains are beneficial for us in various ways. It consists of three players namely 

  • Bran(full of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants). 
  • Endosperm(made up of carbs) 
  • Germs(vitamins, minerals, protein, and plant compounds). 

The benefits of whole grain are mentioned below:

  • Whole grains are high in nutrition and fiber which makes you healthy. 
  • Whole grain contains large amounts of carbs which reduces the risk of heart diseases. 
  • Whole grains minimize the risk of strokes through their fiber and antioxidants. 
  • The whole grain helps to lose weight. 
  • Whole grain prevents diabetes in your body. 
  • It lessens chronic inflammation. 
  • It supports normal digestion.
How to make flour using a blender

Follow the given steps to know How to make flour using a blender?

How to make flour using a blender?

You can use any normal well performed and high-powered blender for this purpose. The Ninja and Vitamix blenders usually perform well for making flour because they are highly powered professional blenders with good quality and sharp blades and they offer great durability. So first get your blender ready for making flour.

  • Choose your desired quantity of grains to make flour. If you want to make one cup of flour then take one cup of whole grains.
  • Put all the grains into the blender, it is better to use a high-powered blender that can blend grains without any hassle.
  • Cover your blender lid and turn on the blender to blend.
  • If your blender contains pulse features then use that to make pure powdery formed flour without any seeds remaining.
  • When you are done using your flour for baking or any other thing. You can also store that flour for later use.
How to make flour using a blender
How to make flour using a blender?

Useful tips

If you want to get a perfect result after making flour by using a blender then it is suggested to use these few tips.

  • Use a high-power blender for making flour through whole grains or wheat or almond.
  • You can use any type of oats like rolled, or quick cooking to make oat flour.
  • Don’t make flour in bulk. Because your whole grain can be stored for as long as compared to grain flour.

How to use homemade flour?

Homemade flour is more healthy than store-bought because it is out of any reservations and artificial flavors. You can use homemade flour for different purposes. Some of them are given below:

  • You can make bread or rotis with the help of homemade flour easily.
  • You can use that flour for baking purposes like in desserts or pies etc.
  • Flour can be used to make muffins, cupcakes, or simple fresh cream cakes.
  • Flour is used in making perfect pizza dough.
  • Homemade flour is used to puree baby food or even you can make porridges for your elder one.

Can you store homemade flour?

Yes, you can store homemade flour but for about one year. Keep your flour in a cool dry place away from sunlight and better if you put bay leaves in it to avoid bugs from bugging your flour. If you will feel a bad odor or changes in stored flour color then better discard it.

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How to make flour using a blender

Related FAQs

How to make flour for bread? 

Bread is a daily usage item usually in breakfast and making bread flour is pretty easy.

  • Take one cup of all-purpose flour.
  • Add half a teaspoon of wheat gluten.
  • Whisk it well.
  • Your bread flour is ready.

How to make flour by hand? 

Making flour by hand is simple. For this purpose, take oats if you want to make oats powder and whole grain if you want to make grain powder, and crush the seeds well until they become pure powder. You can use a hand or electric crusher for this purpose. An electric crusher will work wonders because it has greater power than a hand crusher.

How to make almond flour in a blender?

Whether you eat almonds as a whole or you make almond powder it is healthier for your health to a great extent. Below mentioned are the steps on how to make almond flour in a blender.

  • Take your desired quantity of almonds and put them in a blender.
  • Cover the blender lid and switch on the blender to blend.
  • Make sure to keep your blender at pulse mode, if available.
  • Blend almonds until it converts into smooth pure powder.
  • Use it whenever you want and you can also store it for later usage.

 A blender that can make flour? 

You can use any high-power blender to make flour but the blender which works wonders for this purpose are Ninja, Vitamix, and Blendtec. They are professional and high-powered blenders with amazing durability and perfect sharp blades for cutting and crushing nuts or grain seeds.


Homemade flour is way better than store-bought ready-made flour which is Jesse run quantity and contains different reservations also. This guide is about How to make flour using a blender? Easily because blenders are useful and much more comfortable appliances to make flour in a short time and with less energy.

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