How to crush ice without a blender 5 ways

It’s lovely to have a beautiful beach trip in the summer and enjoy delicious homemade slushies. But how to crush ice without a blender? It’s a serious question to think about. Don’t fret! In this guide, you will find a perfect solution to your problem. 

In this mechanical era, you can also use a blender bottle to crush ice, and this method is relatively easy. But it is not the only solution, we will help you explore many other ways to crush ice without blender. The below-mentioned guide will help you know how to crush ice without a blender. So, read carefully:

How to crush ice without a blender
How to crush ice without a blender

How to crush ice without a blender? Solution

Humans are amazing creatures. He can find out the solution to every problem with different alternative solutions. And there can be a case when you need something else to crush ice, whether it be a picnic or your blender might not work. In this situation, you can also enjoy cold slushies or juices in summer without having a blender but with the right tool. You need a correct alternative to crush ice without a blender for your mint margarita, lime, mojito, or sekanjabin. 

Read below to explore those fantastic alternatives that can solve your problem of crushing ice without a blender. 

Cocktail shaker

A cocktail shaker is a tool that can be used to solve your problem of how to crush ice without a blender

Put desired ice in the cocktail shaker and add some of your liquid juice or slush or little water. Now shake it tightly with your full force, and by following this process, you will accomplish your task of crushing ice and enjoy your favorite drink with this crushed ice. 

How to crush ice without a blender
How to crush ice without a blender

Towel and hammer

You can opt for the other method if you can not crush the ice with a blender or don’t own a cocktail shaker.

You need a regular piece of towel and the muddler at your home. If you don’t have a muddler, you can use a hammer or any other hard thing like a muddler. Take the ice cube from the freezer and directly put it in those towels without wasting time. Now smash those ice cubes with a muddler or hammer or any hard thing you have. In this way, you can easily crush ice cubes and enjoy crushed iced juices. 

Rolling pin

Rolling pin works wonder when it comes to crushing ice without a blender. A rolling pin is a simple kitchen tool available in every kitchen of every house. 

This method is relatively easy. First, put some ice in the zipper-lock bag, cover that bag with a piece of towel, put it over any hard thing like the floor or countertop, and then use a rolling pin to crush ice over that zipper bag. Use a rolling pin similar to making Rotis with your full force to crush ice smoothly without any mess. This method is a bit fussy, but it is the immediate solution to the problem of how to crush ice without a blender. 

Hitting in the lewis bag or towel

The following method you can use to crush ice is the lewis bag. Lewis bag is the type of bag designed to crush ice without any other kitchen tool. 

The crushing ice in the lewis bag is similar to crushing ice with the rolling pin and zipper bag. Put your desired quantity of ice in the lewis bag. It’s better to take out ice from the freezer when crushing because the ice must be dry and cold. It must not be melty. After putting ice into the lewis bag, hit the hammer or muddler or any hard thing over it and crush the ice ad much as you want. 

Keep in water

This method is not ideal for crushing ice. But you can use it to make your little ice melt and use it for your juice ideally. 

The simple method is putting your ice cubes in the water for a few minutes; it needs no hard work or tools. It is pretty simple and applicable to crush ice at your picnics or parties. 

Related FAQs

How do you make crushed ice manually?

You can crush ice manually but you need to be super careful as it will be risky.

  • Put ice in a bowl. Be careful the bowl must not be of glass.
  • Take a knife and a hammer.
  • Place the knife straight over the ice and hit it with a hammer.
  • When you convert large pieces of ice into small ones then using a hammer only hit on the crushed ice.
  • And you are done with crushing ice manually.

How to crush ice without a blender? Any other kitchen appliance

Crushing ice is a simple thing to do. It can be quickly done with any kitchen appliance you have. Blenders are not the only product that can crush ice. You can use food processors, immersion blenders, mixers, beaters, or stand mixers to crush ice. But all these appliances need to operate appropriately with complete care. If you use them at a higher speed, they all will convert ice into melting water and destroy its consistency instead of crushing ice. So it’s better to use the methods mentioned above for crushing ice instead of any other kitchen appliance if you don’t have expertise. 

What is the best way to crush ice at home?

The best way to crush ice at home is by using a kitchen blender with high power and sharp stainless steel blades. It is the easiest and fastest way to crush ice at home. You can also crush the ice with the help of a knife and hammer at home.

How to crush ice for slushies?

Slushies tastes good when you put crushed ice in them on hot sunny days. Follow the below-mentioned steps to crush ice for your slushies: 

  • Put some ice into the blender and switch on the pulse feature mode.
  • Let the blender crush ice for a few seconds.
  • Your crushed ice for slushies is ready. Put them into the glass of slushies and enjoy.

How to store crushed ice?

It’s better to use crushed ice directly but if you want to store it for later use then you keep them into a freezer sealed bags and when you want to use them simply take them out from the freezer and hit them with a hammer slightly and you are ready to use them.


Blenders made our life comfortable. You can easily crush ice with the help of blender in a very few minutes and can store them for later use as well. But incase you need to crush ice without blender then after reading above guide you can do so without worrying. Their are different methods of crushing ice without blender and all of them are too simple, you just need to learn them once and you will be able to make crushed ice on your own quickly.

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