8 Best personal blenders for crushing ice

It’s the time when compact and small things are preferable. We don’t like heavy and oversized gadgets and appliances, but we love small and pretty stuff. Personal blenders are among those. Do you want to know the best personal blenders for crushing ice for juices or slushies in summer? You hit the right place. We are here to guide you about the most helpful and best personal blenders for crushing ice.

Personal blender

If you are searching for a small best versatile blender then go for a personal blender for your kitchen. A personal blender is similar to a regular blender but small in size and capacity. 

It is a specially designed blender that can be removed from the base, and you can easily carry it with you where you want.

The container of a personal blender is like a cup and can be carried anywhere. It is a small-sized blender, but it works the same as a regular blender. The benefits of a personal blender are:

  • It can be easily stored in your kitchen without taking up more space.
  • It is a versatile blender and can perform almost every task.
  • It is easily usable, with no complicated modes.
  • It is the most suitable product you can ever find.
  • They are the blenders you can buy for your kitchen without costing your arm and legs.
Best personal blenders for crushing ice
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Knowing the benefits of a personal blender will make you want to buy it as soon as possible, but it’s better to buy a product that can be used for crushing ice. Let’s see what the eight best personal blenders for crushing ice are:

8 Best personal blenders for crushing ice

If you are interested in spending money wisely, then the first and best option is a ninja category blender for crushing ice and frozen items. Before buying,  read the below article correctly to know the basics and pros and cons of the eight best personal blenders for crushing ice:

Ninja foodie power Nutri DUOHigh power motor
Ninja Nutri blender proBest selling blender
Ninja personal blenderCompact blender
Portable blender: blender jet2Portable blender
Nutribullet originalAffordable blender
Cuisinart CPB_300Best selling blender
Sboly personal blenderNutrition extraction blades
Hamilton beachHuge capacity blender

Ninja foodie power Nutri DUO

1200 watts
24 ounces jar
Single Serving compact blender
Easy to wash
Best for smoothies

If you are thinking about buying a personnel blender for crushing snow-like ice, the first and best option is ninja foodie power nutty DUO. This blender has a 1200 watt speed, and it is perfect for a single serving. It is a compact blender with a 24 ounces jar. You can use this personal blender to make thick creamy smoothies with frozen fruits like strawberries or mangoes. It is easy to wash the blender; you can disassemble it to clean it properly. 

    On the contrary, it has its advantages. It is made of plastic, so it is not very durable, and the speed setting is not variable.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Love it. Great blend with power.
  • Minimal space is needed for it and works perfectly.
  • It’s Very loud.
  • Crush ice like snow
  • single serving facility
  • compact blender
  • Easy to wash
  • Make thick creamy smoothies
  • Speed is not variable
  • Loud noise

Ninja Nutri blender pro

1100 watts
24 ounces jar
Best selling blender
Perfect for crushing ice
Consists of the auto IQ program

Ninja is the best blender ever for purchasing branded and quality blenders. Another option to buy a personal blender is ninja Nutri blender pro. It has 1100 watt power, and it is the most convenient blender to use. It can blend frozen fruits for smoothies and can crush ice well. The most significant advantage of this blender is its auto IQ program, which lets it work automatically. You need to set the timer, and you will get your blended item ready. It has a 24 ounces jar, and it only serves a single person, making it less valuable for a family, and it has a thunderous noise.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • It works wonders.
  • It chops seeds 
  • Just as good as expensive blenders.
  • Best Personal blender
  • Convenient to use
  • Easily blend frozen items
  • Auto IQ program
  • Good for small kitchen
  • Thunderous noise
  • Only serves single person
Best personal blenders for crushing ice
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Ninja personal blender

700 watts
Best blender for small kitchen 
Made Up of silicon
Lightweight and convenient 
Can crush ice like a snow

Ninja personal blender is one of the best personal blenders for crushing ice; it is a compact blender that can easily fit in your kitchen space. It has a high motor speed of about 700 watts. It is made up of silicon, which is why it is lightweight, convenient, and easy to use. It has a pulse feature which can also help in crushing ice smoothly. It can be easily clean. But it only serves a single person, has minimal space, and makes loud noises while working.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • It does what it’s supposed to, and it does it well. 
  • Noisy but powerful
  • A must have for smoothie drinkers
  • Top brand of the blender
  • It has a single serving cup with to-go lid
  • Compact blender
  • Best smoothie maker
  • Less noisy
  • There is no way to add ingredients while blending
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Portable blender: blender jet2

16 ounces
Contains cordless charge facility
You can carry it anywhere with you
Designed like a bottle

Blender jet2 is a portable blender of 5v that contains a cordless charge via USB-c. It is very lightweight, and you can take it anywhere at any time, and it is beneficial to carry when traveling. It has 16 ounces capacity, which can be used for office hours instead of the thermos. It is designed like a bottle to take a sip from the cup directly. 

The disadvantage of this portable blender is that it only works with a single on and off button and neither crushes ice well nor gives liquid consistency for smoothies.

  • Cordless charge facility
  • Lightweight
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Can make perfect purees
  • Single serving
  • Not durable
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Nutribullet original

600 watts
18-24 ounces capacity
Affordable blender
Useable as a drinking cup
Fixed control setting

Nutribullet’s original blender has excellent performance, and it can be included among the best personal blender for crushing ice. It is an affordable and bestseller brand. You can easily use it without any hassle. This blender has 600-watt power with a lip ring for drinking directly with the blender cup. It serves 18-24 ounces. But the only problem with his blender is it has no variable or fixed control setting.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • 600 watts of pure muscle
  • Cup sheds plastic
  • Gasket came loose in two weeks
  • Excellent performance
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lip ring for a direct drink
  • Easy to clean
  • Non variable setting
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Cuisinart CPB_300

350 watts
4 blending cups
Automatic setting for ice creams and yogurt 
Variable speed setting
Best for traveling purposes

It is thebest personal blenders for crushing ice for traveling purposes; it is a powerful unit with four traveling cups. It has an automatic method of making ice cream and creamy yogurt. It will give smooth consistency whenever you use it for making delicious smoothies for yourself. It is the best choice for blending, chopping, grinding and crushing ice. It has an automatic mixing paddle with350-watts power, and it has high and low-speed settings. 

The disadvantage of this personal blender is that it has no reliable lid that will break easily and create too much noise while working.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Exactly, What I wanted at a big value
  • Excellent product
  • Best to carry while traveling
  • Automatic method of ice cream and yogurt
  • Automatic mixing paddle
  • Variable speed setting
  • Not reliable
  • Too much noisy
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Sboly personal blender

600 watts
Pocket friendly 
Nutrient extraction blades
Reliable for everyday use
Ability to blend nuts

Sboly personal blender is a budget-friendly blender with 600-watts speed if you are thinking of buying something of good quality in the pocket-friendly range. It has nutrient extraction blades to make liquid smoothies well. You can also blend nuts, spinach, or frozen fruits and crush the ice with this blender. It comes with additional bottle brushes to clean it easily. It is a plastic blender that is very reliable for everyday use. Due to its plastic body, it is a durable blender, but you will feel the taste of plastic with your smoothies, and it is its side effect.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Nutrient extraction blades
  • Can be used for hard ingredients
  • Reliable
  • Easy to clean
  • You feel plastic taste in smoothies
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Hamilton beach 

1800 watts
64 ounces
Tamper included
Four program setting
Professional blender

Hamilton Beach personal blenders are the best personal blenders for crushing ice or making frozen fruit smoothies. It has a variable speed setting, and you can put wet and dry ingredients in this blender. It is an inexpensive compact personal blender that is the best fit for a small kitchen. It doesn’t create much noise while blending, and it gives you the ease of cleaning. You can use this blender for travel. It is a  single serving product, you can not use it for your family smoothies, and it also has only one year warranty.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • It works well as a blender, not as a food processor.
  • It is ok……………………….
  • Good for crushing ice
  • Variable speed setting
  • Can be used for dry and wet ingredients
  • Can be carried for traveling
  • Best for small kitchen
  • Only use for a single serving
  • Only one year warranty
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How to choose the best personal blenders for crushing ice 

Beyond this article, it’s also essential to know how to make a worthy purchase of kitchen blenders. Below mentioned are the factors that will help you buy the best personal blenders for crushing ice.


The power range of the best personal blenders for crushing ice must be between 500 to 1100. A more powerful blender will give better results.


Different blenders contain the setting modes or presets. It would help if you bought that personal blender with the feature of crushing ice because it is designed to crush ice well.


Quality matters a lot, but you have to consider price as well. It would be best if you bought an affordable and good material personal blender so that you will not waste your money.


Products that last long give you soothing feelings. You will feel relaxed once you make a one-time purchase and enjoy your product or appliances for a  long time. You will love working with that product whenever you use it. So durability plays a vital role. Always buy that personal blender which is more durable and has a long life.

Related FAQS

Can you put ice in a personal blender?

Yes, you can use personal blenders for crushing ice. Personal blenders are too good to crush ice as they are compact and small blenders with lightweight and amazing abilities. They are easy to operate and easily adorable blenders.

How many watts do you need to crush ice?

A blender with more than 300 watts can crush ice well but if you buy a blender with a powerful speed of 600 and more then you will easily crush the ice with the help of a blender.

Can you use a normal blender for crushing ice?

No, you can not use a regular blender for crushing ice. Every blender is not designed to crush ice. The hard consistency of ice can ruin your blender’s performance and can make your blender blades dull or bend. It is advised to buy a blender for crushing ice which can crush ice easily.

So, consider our guide on the best personal blenders for crushing ice and make your purchase wisely.

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