How to make tomato paste with a blender

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Do you wanna know how to make tomato paste with a blender? Do blenders are useful in making tomato paste? It is not a strange thing as nowadays kitchen appliances are the comfort of our kitchen. We cannot work without them and according to the Statista an estimated 39 thousand people in Spain spent 150 euros or more on blenders or hand blenders. So let’s have a glance at how kitchen blenders are useful for you:

Blenders are useful kitchen appliances!

Blenders are among those kitchen appliances which are essential for our kitchen. We cannot work quickly if we are out of kitchen blenders. The price of blenders nowadays is also budget friendly so everyone can buy them easily for their comfort in life.

Blenders play the same role in our kitchen as our hands play in our bodies.

It helps us make several things such as smoothies, juices and tomato pastes, etc. Many people get confused about how to make tomato paste with a blender, in this guide we are providing the solution to your problem. Let’s read below a method on: how to make tomato paste with a blenders?

how to make tomato paste with a blender?

How to make tomato paste with a blender?

Here are some simple steps through which you can learn how to make tomato paste with a blender:

To make a tomato paste with a blender is a doodle. You just need a quality blender, knife, and some tomatoes, and you will achieve your goal.

First, wash all the tomatoes properly now cut them from the center and put them all in a blender. Now pour some water into the blender and cover it with a glass lid and switch it on. Tadaa!!

After a few minutes, you will see the results that tomatoes will start turning into a paste. You don’t need any kind of special tomato blender for this purpose. This job can be done by any normal blender. It’s really simple and less time-consuming to make tomato paste or in other words tomato puree with a kitchen blender.

how to make tomato paste with a blender?
How to make tomato paste with blender?

If you are a working lady and want to make tomato paste quickly you can simply do it by following the above-mentioned technique. To make tomato paste with a blender is just a childish play. You can enjoy your favorite music while making tomato paste. This guide also explains that the kitchen blender plays an integral role in our lives. It made our life cozy.

3 common significance of  tomato paste

Generally, traditional dishes are incomplete without tomatoes in them. We love the taste of tomatoes. It is an essential part of our cooking. Whether we cook meat, vegetables, seafood, baby food, or soups we compulsorily add tomatoes for the flavor in them. It can be in different shapes such as cooked tomatoes, tomato paste, or tomato purees. Tomato paste can be used for skin, soups, BBQs, etc.

how to make tomato paste with a blender?
Advantages of tomatoes

Tomato paste for skin

Suddenly you got a phone call from a friend of yours asking you to attend a party and you got a problem. Due to the tough routine, your skin is going rough. Now what to do in this urgent situation. If you have a ready tomato paste in your freezer just don’t worry. Apply it on your skin and get a fresh facial look in 10 minutes.

Tomato paste for a quick soup

Your kids want a healthy delicious tomato soup but you are tired, don’t want to cook tomatoes. But you don’t have to worry if you have tomato puree in your fridge. It will simplify your cooking and convert it into minutes.

Tomato paste for urgent dishes

This morning your husband is telling you that guests are coming. Are you completely out of clues on how to cook dishes urgently? The solution is in the tomato paste. If it is ready in your freezer then you can cook food anytime easily.

Now after reading the significance of tomato paste you must want to make a tomato paste for you….so what are you waiting for. Just follow the above mentioned steps and make the tomato paste with blender and then store it in your freezer.

how to make tomato paste with a blender?

 Can I make tomato paste from crushed tomatoes?

Everyone has their way of cooking. Some working ladies are out of time so they prefer the simple and quick methods of making tomato paste with a blender. But some ladies love to make tomato paste with crushed tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes are cooked. First, you have to cook them and then you peel off their skin after that you blend them with a blender. So no doubt you can make tomato paste with the help of crushed tomatoes.

How to make tomato paste without a blender?

Some people ask: how to make a tomato paste without a blender? The answer is quite simple. It’s not possible to make smooth tomato paste without a kitchen blender. The blender works like magic. It turns the tomato even crushed tomato into a smooth paste without chunks.

You can use this tomato paste to make tomato sauces and then you can enjoy this sauce with a delicious barbeque or with any other dish it will be a perfect comb. It will give an excellent texture and a great look to your dishes. Tomato paste also enhances the flavor of the food.

how to make tomato paste with a blender?
How to make tomato paste with crushed tomatoes?


Tomatoes are the main part of our yummy dishes. Our dishes are incomplete without tomatoes. That’s why in the above article we explain how to make tomatoes with a blender easily and quickly. You can follow the above approach and can make your own tomato paste in bulk and freeze it for unpredictable situations or for the days when you will unable to manage time.

How to make tomato paste with a blender
How to make tomato paste with a blender

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