10 steps How to clean a blender with vinegar

Just imagine! You want a perfect delightful strawberry shake and you just have it but now it’s the time to wash the blender but it’s the point where you become completely blank about how to get rid of this milky smell. It becomes possible if you wash the blender with vinegar. But the thing is how to clean a blender with vinegar? so just have a quick look below to know the effective method of cleaning the blender with vinegar.

how to clean a blender with vinegar
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Vinegar is useful to clean blender

Cleaning is part of our beautiful life. It helps us to maintain ourselves and our houses as well. It keeps us healthy. We use different products for cleaning purposes and vinegar is one of them. Vinegar is a multi-purpose product. It works like magic for so many things. It is a mixture of water and acetic acid. It considers a natural home remedy for cleaning purposes, getting rid of smelly products, in the purpose of shining jewellery items and many more are its advantages.

Among those, one of the advantages of vinegar is that it helps to clean the kitchen blenders. So let’s have a look at the features that how vinegar is useful to clean blenders.

how to clean a blender with vinegar?
How to clean a blender with vinegar?

How vinegar is useful to clean blenders?

Vinegar is one of the effective natural method used to clean blenders so definitely it has tones of advantages. Some of the advantages of cleaning blenders with vinegar are listed below:

It makes them shiny

Vinegar did not remove the glow of the glass jar of the blenders. It helps in cleaning them very well and it keeps the sparkling glass as it is. On the other hand, other heavy acid-containing products just make the glass jar of the blenders dull.

It helps in getting rid of the smell

You often face the problem of smelly blenders even if you wash them properly but some products leave a very dirty smell in the blender. So vinegar works like magic in getting rid of these smells.

It helps to make them look like a new one

Vinegar can give a shining look to glass products. It removes all the dishwasher and water stains from the glass jars of the blenders. So, it is the biggest advantage of vinegar that it helps to keep the blenders glowing like new ones.

It didn’t affect its quality

Mostly the cleaning products affect the quality of the appliances and make them dull. But, vinegar is one of the natural products that contain acetic acid, which didn’t affect the quality of the blenders. It removes all the dirt, stains, smell, and infectious stuff(bacteria or fungus) from the blenders and keeps them a new quality product. In the method below on how to clean a blender with vinegar, you can easily judge how it did not affect the quality of the blender.

It cleans the corners as well

Vinegar is a product that is in liquid form so it helps to clean the food material which stuck in the corners of the blenders and blender blades appropriately. It is difficult to clean those areas with a cleaning brush and hands but with the help of vinegar, it becomes easy.

After reading above mentioned benefits of vinegar to the blender you will surely want to use your vineger to clean the blenders. But the question raises in your mind what is the appropriate method to clean a blender with vinegar. So let’s have a look at the below-mentioned steps on how to clean a blender with vinegar?:

Method: how to clean a blender with vinegar?

To clean a blender with vinegar is not rocket science. Even an 8-10 age kid can also wash the blender with vinegar. Because you don’t have to do much hard work for this purpose. You just have to put some vinegar in the blender and just switch on the blender and then the blender will clean itself properly. For the detailed guide you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the glass lid from the blender first.
  2. Now pour some vinegar into the container.
  3. After that pour some warm water into it.
  4. let it soak for a while.
  5. After a few minutes switch on the blender and let it do the rest.
  6. Now just switch off the power button.
  7. Remove the diluted vinegar water from the container.
  8. Rinse well with water.
  9. let it dry in the fresh air.
  10. Now you can use a piece of cloth to clean the blender.

So these are the 10 steps on how to clean the blender with vinegar. You can soak the lid of the blender in the water and vinegar to clean it as well. And if you want to clean the blender by yourself then simply separate the parts(glass lid, container, blender blades) of the blenders and then soak all of them in the mixture of vinegar and water for half an hour. After that, you can remove all the parts from that mixture and can wash them with fresh water. And your blender will be easily clean.

Related FAQs

What is the best way to clean the blender?

Regularly cleaning the blender is very important. There are two best methods to clean the blender easily. First, put some dishwasher and water in the blender and switch on the self-cleaning mode. After that, rinse it with warm water and air dry it.

The other way is to use a cleaning brush or sponge to clean the blender. You can use vinegar water to eliminate the blender’s dirty smell and beautiful look.

How do I get rid of grime in the blender?

Grime is the dirt particles that remain after you blend your food with the blender and take all the stuff out. To clean that grime is the most crucial task in cleaning the blender. You can put diluted vinegar water to get rid of grime in the blender or use baking soda to clean that dirty stain.

How do you clean a plastic blender?

Cleaning the plastic pitcher of the blender is quite tricky because plastic has a foul smell. But it is not impossible to clean it. You can use vinegar and lemon with the water to clean the plastic pitcher or add a dishwasher with it.

How to clean blender with baking soda?

Baking soda is the workable ingredient that removes the stubborn dirt stains and dirty smell from the blender. Put a pinch of baking soda in the blender and a little water. Leave it for a few minutes, add a full cup of water, and switch it to self-cleaning mode. Through that baking soda water, rinse it with warm water, and then dry it well after the air. You can also add vinegar to a baking soda mixture.

How to clean blender sponge?

You can use a sponge to clean the blender well. The sponge is the best way to clean the pitcher and lid of the blender. Remove the pitcher of the blender from the base. Put some dishwasher on the wet sponge, clean the pitcher with that sponge, and rinse well with warm water.

How to clean cloudy blender?

Whenever you empty your blends after making smoothies or shakes, you see a cloudy film form in the blender’s pitcher. That cloudy film makes your blender look ugly but don’t worry; you can clean the cloudy film. Make a mixture of vinegar and water, put it in your blender, and clean it with self-cleaning mode. This vinegar method will help you quickly remove this cloudy film from your blender.


So the above guide tells you how to clean a blender with vinegar and you come to know that it’s just a piece of cake. It has too many advantages which are mentioned above and the method was quite simple that you can easily do it yourself without being annoying or creating any mess.

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