How to remove ninja blender from the base

Every time you use any kitchen appliance you surely need to clean it well. When it comes to blenders it has sharp blades which can harm a human hand. So it is compulsory to know how to remove Ninja blender from the base?

Are Ninjas good blenders?

Ninja is a type of manufacturing company that manufactures many kitchen appliances including blenders. They have a quality blender made up of plastic material. The plastic jar and the lid can go for a long time. When it comes to spending money wisely it’s better to buy Ninja blenders due to their durability.

The Ninja blenders are best in the way that you can wash them properly by separating their parts. What? The question popped up in your mind? Does the ninja blender come off the base? The answer is yes, you hear it right. You can clean the ninja blender parts separately because you can remove the Ninja blender from the base.

What is the top-rated blender?

How to remove ninja blender from the base
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Steps: How to remove Ninja blender from the base?

If you are out of the time you can clean the blender by just putting some of the dishwashers or diluted vinegar in a blender and switching on the power button to clean it. But it’s not enough. Sometimes it’s compulsory to clean the kitchen appliances thoroughly. For this purpose, you need to follow these steps:

How do you unlock a Ninja blender?

The first and foremost thing is that you have to unlock the blender. Set the power button at zero and then you can easily unlock the blender now.

How to Disassemble the blender??

Now rotate the pitcher or a blender jar counterclockwise and lift it from the base to disassemble it. And you can see that your blender is removed from the base.

how to remove ninja blender from the base
how to remove ninja blender from the base?

How to wash ninja blender parts separately??

Now if you want to wash the blender properly then you have to remove the glass lid of the blender by pressing the release button on the top of the lid. Press it and lift the lid upward.

After that remove the blender blades by holding them with the top rubber part and rotating it clockwise now you can soak all the parts in vinegar water to clean them thoroughly.

Related FAQs

How to remove Ninja blender from the base to pour juices into the glass?

Removing is not only use to clean the blender but whenever you want to pour your favorite smoothie or grape juice etc you also want to remove the blender from the base to easily pour it into the glass. So for this purpose, the method will be the same. Just set the power button at zero and rotate the blender clockwise and lift it upward slowly to remove it from the base. Once it comes out you can now pour your juice into the glass and enjoy it by yourself as well as serve your guests quickly.

Ninja blender won’t come off the base? Solution

Sometimes while removing the blender from the base we feel difficulty because it gets stuck in the base. Now, what to do?? The solution is here. First, you have to unplug the blender so that unconsciously it want turn on and hurt you. Then after tightening the plastic bottle into the blade assembly to the right slightly. Then, push on the bottle and shake the plastic bottle to the left. It will unhook the blender from the base. The blade has a tiny notch that locks into the base you have to push it a little hard to unlock it.

The other method you can use is that you can put the blender in hot water for a few seconds and after that when you try to open it it will be removed from the base easily.

How to unscrew a stuck blender bottom?

The first in the process of unscrewing a stuck blender bottom is to unplug your blender. Now hold the blender pitcher in one hand and the blender base in another. Now turn the pitcher in a circular motion with full force. If it will not work, hit the bottom of the blender on your countertop slightly. Again move the blender and pull it upward.

You can also put machine oil in the bottom of the blender to get rid of the stuck pitcher.


How to remove ninja 1000w blender from base?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to remove the ninja 1000 w blender from the base:

  • Hold the Ninja 000w blender by hand and hold the blender’s base from another.
  • Move the blender clockwise.
  • Slightly pull the pitcher upward.


Why does my blender get stuck?

There are many reasons why blenders get stuck.

  • When you do not use your blender for a long time, air bubbles are trapped in it.
  • When your liquid spills in the blender and you don’t know about it for some time.
  • The new blender is not rough enough.


How do you unscrew the tight blender lid?

Unscrewing the tight lid is a pretty simple task. Put your half blender in the warm water from the lid side, and you will end up unscrewing the tight lid of the blender within a minute.


You will surely consider the above-mentioned guide regarding how to remove the ninja blender from the base helpful and convenient whenever you make smoothies for your kids and pour it into the glass.

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