Why is my blender not blending 10 troubles

It’s time to make breakfast for your little munchkin’s school. Oops!!! The blender is not working in this urgent situation. What a horrible incident it is!! How to fix it?? To conclude the solution first you have to know the problem. The problem is: why is my blender not blending??

There can be so many reasons why your blender is not working. And you can not check all of them in a sudden period or fix them well abruptly. It’s better to check the common problems first. Let’s know the common reasons of: why is my blender not blending.

Why is my blender not blending? Common reasons

An err is human. We, humans, make thousands of mistakes when we are in a hurry. Those silly mistakes make things difficult all of a sudden. We should first focus on those little things that can cause serious problems many times. They are listed below in detail:

Blending mode

Every blender contains a blending mode which determines the density of blending. The texture of our smoothies or juices depends widely on these blending modes. If you want a pure smoothie you can not get the desired consistency by any other low power mode. On the contrary, if you want chunks of fruits in your juices, by high blending mode it’s difficult to get that delicious juice full of fruit chunks.

Why is my blender not blending?
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Fix it!

Focus on blending mode while switching on the blender. The power setting matters a lot. If you want a pure smoothie it’s better to switch on the smoothie mode and if you want fruit chunks in your juices then better go for low blending mode so that your blender will not blend all of the fruit. And you can enjoy your delicious juice without thinking about: why is my blender not blending well.

Dry raw material

If you are using a blender for blending any dry raw products such as frozen fruits, groundnuts, or something like that then you will end up scaring yourself with the question: why is my blender not blending?

Fix it!

It’s always better to add a bit of water while blending the raw products in the blender to get the desired results. It helps in maintaining the quality of the blender. Because there is always a chance that hard raw products can dull your blades anytime. So here water will help you to a great extent.

Old is gold but not in the case of blenders

It is said that it is better to use old products for a long time because old is always gold. But for electronic items, this phrase doesn’t work. If you are using blenders for a long time it’s better to buy the new one for your ease. The blades of all blenders become dull with the passage of time and due to their roughness the blender will not give you the desired results thus you end up asking yourself: why is my blender not blending well?

Fix it!

Simply invest in buying a new quality and top-rated branded product which has some new features of crushing ice and making cold slushes for your summer Moon’s but also the product must be budget friendly.

Instruct yourself

It is not necessarily always the case that the answer to why is my blender not blending will be that your blender got damaged and now you need to get it repaired. Sometimes you unintentionally commit that type of mistakes due to which your blender might not work. 

Fix it!

Before getting it repaired from the repair store it is important to instruct yourself properly first. Check out the instruction book thoroughly and read it carefully. Know how your blender works correctly. How to set the blender to the base, how to set the blades in the right way. There can be tons of mistakes that you need to check before thinking that your blender is damaged.

Why is my blender not blending

Press the button too hard

Handle with care. This precaution best goes for all fragile products and electronic items are kind of fragile products. You always need to be careful while using all those kitchen or home appliances. So this rule simply applies to blenders as well. If you press the power button or any other blending mode button too hard then you will end up damaging your blender seriously.

Fix it!

No matter how much in a hurry you are always be careful while using your kitchen blender. Don’t press any button too harshly. And try to keep all kitchen appliances away from kids so they will not become kids’ toys.

Lid completely closed

Why is my blender not turning on? Ever happened to you? Sometimes we face the problem that you switch on the power button but your blender doesn’t work. The main reason behind it is that you didn’t close the lid properly or the second chance is that your plug is off.

It is better to be careful than to be in a hurry and create a huge mess which will cost more time to you.


Fix it!

If you face the problem that your blender is not turning on then on the first note check if you close the lid correctly or not. Check the manual book to learn how to close the lid of the blender appropriately.


Overfilling is dangerous in many ways. It can cause your blender to splash your juices anytime and will create a huge mess, on the contrary, if you put frozen fruits in too much quantity then your blender will not blend your frozen fruits due to overfilling and without any liquid item. It will also make your blender blades dull too quickly.

Fix it!

As you know, slow but steady wins the game. So always start in slow motion. Put some fruits with a bit of water at first then blend it well. After that, put some other fruits in your blender to get the desired result. For the liquids don’t ever overfill your blender jar to avoid messes.

Hot items

Getting liquid items such as soups, chicken stocks, hot cooked tomatoes which you will put in a blender to make tomato paste, etc can ruin your branded blender within a second. And it can be the case that your blender might end up stop working suddenly.

Fix it!

The best solution to this problem is to keep your hot items for a while and then when they come at room temperature put them in a blender to blend.

Why is my blender not blending
Hot items are dangerous to put in blender

Breaks are important

If you work the whole day without resting you turn out exhausted. And will not be able to work for a complete coming week. Similar to blenders, if you run the blender without any break then your blender will not work for a limited period due to overheating.

Fix it!

It’s better to give breaks to your blender if you want to get the desired results for long. It will prevent the blender from overheating.

Maintenance is the key

If you only use your blender to make yummy smoothies or mouth-watering grape juices but do not keep an eye on maintaining your blender and cleaning it properly then in this case your blender might stop blending your products after a short period.

Fix it!

Simply adopt the rule of maintenance every month. Maintenance is the key to keeping your favorite kitchen appliances with you for a long period. Clean your blender every week properly by separating its parts and it’s better if you focus on the blender services monthly.

why is my blender not blending?

Related FAQs

How to lubricate blender motor?

Maintenance of the blender is the most important thing for better performance of the blender. The first precaution is to avoid putting your blender blades and the base of the blender in the dishwasher but if you need to do so, then do it carefully. After that, put machine oil in the base and blades of the blender and let it dry well.

Blender not blending frozen fruit?

If your blending is endeavoring with frozen fruits, let your fruits become softer for almost 15 minutes, then blend them into the blender. It would be best if you also chose the right blender with sharp blades for frozen fruits when purchasing the blender.

Blender not blending smoothies

Sometimes blenders get jammed at the time of blending smoothies. At this moment, first, you should find the reason. Maybe the fruits are too hard to blend, or you are us in frozen fruits, or the other possible reason is that the liquid’s consistency is too low. Try to add some more liquid and use the mixed fruits like soft and hard both together.


Don’t panic if you find out why your blender is not working. Sometimes the causes are just very little and our own silly mistakes. Read the article above and let yourself be informed what can be the common reasons for blenders not working and how to fix them.

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