Top 9 Best blenders for hot liquids | 2022

Blenders are like magic appliances. They can perform the tasks which we can only think to perform in our dreams like making hot delicious soups or getting coffee for perfect winter cold nights. But some specific blenders can be used to do so. Let’s explore all those blenders that can be considered the best blenders for hot liquids.

Before buying the best blender for hot liquids you should decide first whether you want the same blender for hot liquids and other items like smoothies, shakes, purees, etc or you want two different blenders. What is the quantity of your ingredients and what speed do you need etc? To make things easy for you we have mentioned some. basic factors that you should read before purchasing the best blenders for hot liquids:

Best blenders for hot liquids

How to buy the best blenders for hot liquids?

We have shared the following beginner’s guide to ease you in buying the best blenders for hot liquids:

Heating feature

Some blenders are specially designed with a feature of soup making, coffee blending, or liquid mode. They are ideal blenders for hot liquids because they contain heat-resistant jars with heat-safe blades and vents to pass heat air from the blender and prevent blow-up when you open the blender lid. You should consider those blenders if you are looking for the best blenders for hot liquids.

Heat resistant jar

You can only use a blender for hot liquids for a long time without affecting the blender’s quality if you keep an eye on the blender with a heat-resistant jar because the main issue you have to face while blending hot liquids is damaging the blender jar. In this guide, we have mentioned all those best blenders which contain heat-resistant jars and are good for hot liquids. You can read it below in detail.

Variable speed settings

Variable speed helps to perform activity faster and it also creates friction and makes your dishes fluffy. For soups and smoothies, this feature is best to consider. You can start with a slow speed and then gradually increase the speed of the blender to achieve that thick creamy paste like the texture of your soups, smoothies, or coffee including latte or much as.

Below we have shared a list of all the best blenders for hot liquids, you can easily choose one for your kitchen life:

Best blenders for hot liquids

9 Best blenders for hot liquids

The best blender is the only one that can be used to perform various tasks and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg with wonderfully unique features. But conducting a survey and spending lots of money and time on this service is too hectic. But you don’t need to worry anymore, we did this for you and made a list of all the best blenders for hot liquids with their pros and cons and complete details regarding their features so you can easily opt for one for yourself:

  • Ninja foodie
  • Blendtec total classic
  • Vitamix 5200
  • Vitamin 750 series
  • Hamilton beach power elite
  • Cuisinart SPB blender
  • Cleanblend countertop blender
  • Oster pro-1200
  • Breville blender
Ninja foodie SS201 High power motor
Blendtec total classicBest choice blender
Vitamix 5200Durable blender
Vitamin 750 seriesRazor sharp blades
Hamilton beach power eliteHuge capacity blender
Cuisinart SBCAffordable blender
Cleanblend countertop blenderProfessional motor
Oster pro 1200Dual direction blades
Breville blender15 variable settings

Ninja foodie SS201 blender

Auto IQ program
1400 watts power
Huge capacity
6 Preset speed control
Good for hummus

Ninja foodie blender is one of the best blenders for hot liquids as it contains a heat-resistant pitcher. This blender contains a warming cycle that helps in making soups and sauces. It is well known as the 3-in-1 blender that includes crushes, food processors, and dough-making ability. It has a variable speed setting which helps to chop or cut nuts or other hard ingredients well.

It has 6 preset Auto IQ programs for smoothies, dough making, crushing ice, etc. It has a 1400 watts power motor with 72 oz of capacity and it provides an easy-to-clean facility. This is a well-known quality blender with great durability which insists you buy it for your beautiful kitchen.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Love it. Great blend with power.
  • Minimal space is needed for it and works perfectly.
  • It’s Very loud.
  • Good for hummus
  • Capable to handle huge stuff
  • Easy to clean
  • 6 preset settings
  • High power motor
  • loud noise

Blendtec total classic

1560 watts
75 oz capacity
Stainless steel blades 
Built with premium components 
Affordable price 

Blendtec is a modern time blender having the specialty of heating soups by friction plus it contains an s pre-programmed mode with hot ingredients, cold ingredients, soups, or smoothies mode. It contains ten variable speed setting options to give you the desired texture of your ingredients anytime.

It has forged, tough steel sharp blades that can be used to cut frozen fruits, crushing ice quickly without any hassle. Due to its high speed, it heats a liquid which makes this blender the best blender for hot liquids. You can use this blender for frothing milk, making whipped cream, or cappuccinos.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

Buying this product worth each and every penny.
 Changed my life.
Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. A great appliance!

  • Good warranty
  • huge capacity
  • Can blend dry ingredients
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Affordable
  • Too huge, not good for small space kitchen
Best blenders for hot liquids
Picture by: Amazon

Vitamix 5200

Multipurpose blender
64 ounces
Sharp blades
Plastic material 
Seven years warranty 

Vitamin is one of the ideal blenders with highly professional motor speed and seven years of great durability. It contains amazing sharpened blender blades which create friction at the time of blending and help make hot soups, hot chocolate, etc. It has a variable speed setting that can be used to crush almonds, cashews, or peanuts. 

This blender is a little expensive but it has different unique features which make this blender a multi-purpose product good for your kitchen life. It is designed in a way that it has a radial cooling fan for long-lasting performance and a self-cleaning mode for quick cleaning.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Premium motor
  • Sharp blades
  • Durable plastic material
  • Variable speed
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Too loud
Best blenders for hot liquids
Picture by: Amazon

Best easy-to-clean blender

Vitamin 750 series

1380 watts
64 ounces
Stainless steel blades
Plastic jar
10 speed setting 

The other Vitamix blender that comes under the category of best blender for hot liquids is Vitamix 750 series. It is a professional blender with 120-volt power and 64 ounces capacity. It has five pre-programmed settings that include self-cleaning, puree making, smoothies, best-frozen desserts, and hot soups.

It consists of hard sharp blender blades which can provide perfect results after blending and variable speed settings. Not only this, but it also possesses a pulse feature that helps make paste-like hummus or any veggie smoothie easily. You will also get a cookbook and a tamper with the purchase of this blender.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Great quality
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Easy to use
  • Ten-speed settings
  • Durable
  • Plastic jar give plastic taste in smoothies
Best blenders for hot liquids
Picture by: Amazon

Hamilton beach power elite

best blender to puree food
contain huge space
14 preprogrammed settings
best alternative of food processor
dishwasher safe

Though this blender does not contain any specific feature for hot soups or any other hot liquid, it is helpful in heating dishes by creating friction while blending through its wave action sharp powerful blades. It is a very convenient blender that contains 12 preset blending modes that are helpful for different items like crushing nuts or chopping veggies or making frozen smoothies etc.

It has 700 watts of power with 40 ounces of capacity and it can also be used as a chopper. You can say that you can perform a task with one appliance. You will get one blender with a three-cup food chopper and its jar designed with a hinged cap which helps you prevent any mess through the splitting of liquid. It has specific cord storage that helps you keep your blender cord safe without any fear of breakage.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Love it.
  • It works for a cheap blender.
  • Blends well and easy to clean.
  • Contain huge space
  • 14 pre-programmed settings
  • Best blender to puree food
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Low power motor
Best blenders for hot liquids
Picture by: Amazon

Cuisinart SBC blender

Best blender for hot liquids
1000 watts blender
Razor sharp blades
Digital control
easy to clean

Cuisinart SBC is a specially designed blender to make hot delicious soups and consider the best blender for hot liquids, you just need to simply add soup ingredients in your blender like boiled corn chicken, cornflour and spices, etc, and the rest will be blender do like it will saute your soup then it will blend and keep it warm until you want.

This blender is the perfect choice for healthy winter soups or got coffee for cold winter nights with 1000 watts of power and 64 ounces of capacity. It contains razor-sharp blades to mince meat quickly, digital control to set a timer and be relaxed, three temperature settings, four-speed settings with a useful feature, and heat-resistant glass to avoid any damage while preparing hot soups. This blender can be quickly cleaned after use and can be maintained easily.

  • Heat resistant glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Sharp blender blades
  • Good for hot liquids
  • Plastic smell in soups due to plastic jar

Cleanblend countertop blender

Affordable blender
Good for shakes, smoothies
Professional motor
Best blender for hot liquid
Lack of self cleaning mode

If you are looking for a duplicate blender of Vitamix but at an affordable price then you can buy a clean lend countertop blender. It possesses a heavy powerful motor of about 1800 watts and 64 ounces capacity. It serves huge batches of hot soups in one go and you can use this blender to make protein shakes, nut butter or whipping creams, etc.

It is also known as the three-horsepower blender due to its high professional motor. It contains sharp stainless steel blades to cut and crush frozen fruits as well as ice cubes quickly. It has a variable speed setting feature and BPA-free and impact-resistant pitcher. You can say that it is one of the best blenders for hot liquids.

  • Huge power motor
  • Highly professional
  • Heat-resistant blender jar
  • Variable speed settings
  • Huge capacity jar
  • No self cleaning mode

Oster pro-1200

1200 watts
24 ounces
Dual direction blades
Glass jar
Suitable for hot ingredients

Oster Pro 1200 is one of the famous blenders and is considered the best blender for hot liquids. It contains a 1200-power motor with a jar that holds almost 8 cups of capacity. The jar is made-up of triton plastic and able to handle huge quantities of stuff. It has dual-direction blades that help cut off your ingredients until they are done and avoid jamming in the blender. 

It has seven-speed settings that include three preset programs and it is the best blender to puree different food. It also includes a five-cup food processor that works wonders for chopping hard ingredients. You can prepare your veggies by chopping or grating carrots and onions for your soups by using a food processor and then you can also make soup with the help of this blender jar easily.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Love. Best blender I have ever owned.
  • Does extremely well as a home blender, it is not a Vitamix but I do not expect it to be. It is perfect for my needs.
  • Pocket friendly
  • Good for protein shakes
  • Compact blender
  • Can blend hot ingredients
  • Three modes settings
  • Not durable
Best blenders for hot liquids
Picture by: Amazon

Breville blender

best choice blender
Good size
15 variable speed settings
Good for dough, whipping cream
Convenient blender

If you are a big fan of immersion blenders that can be considered the best blender for hot liquids then the Breville blender is the best choice. It has a whisk attachment as well as it includes three cups of chopping bowl and an ergonomic handle. It has a 120 volts power motor with 42 oz of the pitcher.

It has 15 variable speed settings and sharp turbulence blades that help to handle different categories of products. You can prepare the dough, whipping cream, protein shakes, or celery juice with it without any hassle. It is the most easy-to-use and convenient blender with an easy-to-clean facility. It also offers great durability.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Powerful, stable, durable, non deafening blender.
  • Great blender.
  • Powerhouse machine.
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • 15-speed settings
  • Good for dough, smoothies, etc
  • easy to clean
  • Not much powerful

Related FAQs

Can a blender blend hot things?

Some blenders can blend hot ingredients like they can make hot soups, coffees, cappuccino, etc but those blenders contain a heat-resistant jar and a unique feature of blending hot liquids in them. Some blenders also have great friction high-speed high-speed blades and help to make hot soups well.

Can you put hot water in a blender?

It is advised not to put hot liquid into the regular blender because the steam from hot liquid buildups inside the blender and after spending when you remove the lid it will blow up like hell and will create a huge mess by splashing all stuff out. So better to search for the best blenders for hot liquids to make hot soups or coffees.

What are useful tips to blend hot liquids?

The first and foremost precaution for hot liquid is to buy the best blender for the hot liquid that contains a heat-resistant jar and heat-safe blades as well. The second thing is to check for a vent in your blender because hot liquid heats the air and pushes your blender lid. The vent will save you from any dangerous mishap.

Best blender to make soup?

You can only a deliciously thick creamy soup if you have the best blender for hot liquids and in this guide, we have mentioned above the is of all the best blenders which help make soups but the most perfect blender among that list is Vitamix 5200 blender if you can afford and don’t want to compromise in quality.

Best blender for hot coffee?

Many blenders can help you make a perfect hot coffee without any hassle and they contain a heat-resistant jar with heat save blades. Not only this but they also have soup-making and coffee blending features. This blender includes Vitamix, Ninja, Blendtec, Cleanblend, etc.


Hot soups or coffees are mostly used items in winter season but buying them daily can be costly, to solve this issue we have concluded the detail of all the best blenders for hot liquids which you can buy once and can enjoy hot liquids all winter season, not only this you can also use those blenders for other different purposes but to explore what you can do with the single blender you need to read this guide carefully.

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