Top 7 Best easy-to-clean blenders | 2022

Cleaning and maintaining appliances regularly eventually increase the life of your product but cleaning the blender properly daily is not an easy task, your blended stuff can remain under the blades or on the bottom of the blender and it makes your blender dirty and smelly. The solution to your problem lies under this guide which contains the list of best easy-to-clean blenders to buy.

Best easy-to-clean blenders

How to judge an easy-to-clean blender?

An easy-to-clean blender takes a few seconds to clean. The common characteristics of easy to clean blender are given below:

Wide jar

If you want to buy a best easy to clean blender you should check for the jar capacity first. Your blender jar must be wide and not too narrow because a wide dimension will be helpful in cleaning the blender jar easily and any trapped fruit can be removed quickly. If your jar is of plastic material then it will also plus because you will not have any fear of breakage. The removable blender jar from the base is also beneficial as you can soak your jar in daily water to get rid of the dirty smell.

Removable blades

If you can buy a blender with removable blades then you should buy it without any second thought because removable blades make any blender a best easy to clean blender. You can easily remove them after blending and can clean under the blender blades without any risk of injury to your hands. The thing to consider is to assemble the blades properly after cleaning to avoid any leakage at the time of best use.

Self-cleaning mode

If you use a kitchen blender daily then consider a blender with self cleaning mode because the best easy to clean blender must contain a self cleaning mode to help you clean regularly. It is the most convenient method of cleaning which will not create much mess and don’t need any hard work. You just need to put a drop of dishwasher and water into the blender to clean your blender an for getting rid of smell you can use vinegar water.

7 Best easy-to-clean blenders

Some blender brands are fit to categorize under the list of best easy-to-clean blenders according to our research which is described as below:

Vitamix 5200Durable blender
KitchenAid diamond blenderSelf cleaning blender
Ninja BL610Works both automatically and manually
Nutri Ninja Auto IQAffordable blender
Hamilton beach Elite power blender14 preprogrammed settings
Nutribullet personal blenderBest compact blender
Homegeek countertop blendercontains removable parts

Vitamix 5200

Multipurpose blender
64 ounces
Sharp blades
Plastic material 
Seven years warranty 

Vitamix 5200 is the best easy-to-clean blender with a self-cleaning mode. You just need to put a drop of dishwasher or soap in the blender with a little water and you can clean this blender easily and quickly by turning on the self-cleaning mode. It contains different amazing features like variable speed settings which help get desired texture of different items like smoothies, soups, or sauces, you can also rotate the dial anytime while blending. This blender also contains sharp stainless steel blades which work wonders for multiple ingredients and it also offers great durability. 

  • Premium motor
  • Sharp blades
  • Durable plastic material
  • Variable speed
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Too loud

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Best easy-to-clean blenders
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KitchenAid diamond blender

Sharp blades
Three speed settings
Good appearance
Diamond blender

KitchenAid diamond blender has a capacity of 60 ounces and it contains five-speed settings which are helpful in chopping, grinding, blending, or pureeing food accordingly. It has a unique stain and scratch-resistant plastic jar which helps in its easy cleaning and it also contains a feature of self-cleaning which enables it to clean the blender regularly. The only issue is its blades are not removable which causes injury while cleaning but if you clean it with your hands instead of self-cleaning mode. Otherwise, it is the best multipurpose blender with adjustable speed controls.

  • Good apparance
  • Durable blender
  • Precise speed settings
  • Personal blender
  • Good for green smoothies
  • Less speed controls

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Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Ninja BL610

1000 watts
64 ounces
Space saving blender
Quickly washable
Works both automatically and manually

This Ninja BL610 model blender is the best easy-to-clean blender with competitive power of 1000 watts which makes it unique among other blenders in the market. The pitcher of this blender has an extra large capacity of about 72 ounces for solids and 64 ounces for liquids. This blender also contains the ability to pulverize ice like snow. It has BPA-free jar dishwasher-safe material. Ninja BL610 is designed with special intelligent technology to provide better results after blending.

  • High selling blender
  • Easy crush hard ingredients well
  • Compact blender
  • Easily washable
  • BPA free jar
  • Cord is too short

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Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

1200 watts
24 ounces jar
Single Serving compact blender
Easy to wash
Best for smoothies

This well-known blender of the Ninja brand is compact with about 1200 watts of power with 24 ounces capacity. It is a kind of personal blender that is removable from the base and pretty simple to clean. You can use this blender to drink directly because it is designed like a cup with a to-go lid. This blender is small in size but it has a huge power motor which is unbeatable. You can enjoy making smoothies, shakes, pastes, desserts, etc by using this blender.

  • Crush ice like snow
  • single serving facility
  • compact blender
  • Easy to wash
  • Make thick creamy smoothies
  • Speed is not variable
  • Loud noise

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • It works wonders.
  • It chops seeds 
  • Just as good as expensive blenders.
Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Hamilton beach Elite power blender

best blender to puree food
contain huge space
14 preprogrammed settings
best alternative of food processor
dishwasher safe

Hamilton is the best easy-to-clean blender on a pocket-friendly budget with 700 watts of power. It has 12 programmed blending options and it contains a feature of wave action which kicks all the ingredients towards the blades and lets them cool, grind or blend properly. It contains five control settings with a self-cleaning mode and its blades are removable. Its parts like the jar, lid, and blades are dishwasher safe and durable as well. It has a capacity of 40 ounces which makes it easy to blend large stuff for you in one go.

  • Contain huge space
  • 14 pre-programmed settings
  • Best blender to puree food
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Low power motor

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Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Nutribullet personal blender

600 watts
18-24 ounces capacity
Affordable blender
Useable as a drinking cup
Fixed control setting

It has 600 watts of power with compact space and highly professional sharp stainless steel extractor blades. This blender is best to blend any one cup of smoothie or soup. It has plastic but more comfy and durable material. It is easy to operate a blender but easy to clean. You just need to put a drop of soap and a half cup of water to clean this blender quickly without any hassle. Through this blender, you can make any frozen fruit shake or smoothie in seconds with the help of its extracting blades and cyclonic system. This blender is the best easy-to-clean blender to buy for a small kitchen.

  • Compact bullet style blender
  • Space-saving
  • Can be used to drink directly
  • Blender can be easily removed from the base
  • Blend well, no chunks remain
  • Best for making creamy smoothies
  • Limited space

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • 600 watts of pure muscle
  • Cup sheds plastic
  • Gasket came loose in two weeks
Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Homegeek countertop blender

contains removable parts
easy to clean blender
BPA free jar
good for hard ingredients
affordable blender

The great thing about the home geek countertop blender is that its parts are removable, and cleaning it is not problematic. You can remove its blades from the base and the jar of the blender to clean them separately and you can even soak its parts to remove any dirty smell from it. It has BPA-free and wear-resistant which makes it durable and less risky while cleaning. It can be used to blend various items like nuts, fruits, or veggies with 750 watts and two-speed settings with a pulse feature. You can say that it is the best choice at an affordable price.

  • Best choice blender
  • dishwasher safe
  • Contains removable parts
  • BPA free jar
  • affordable blender
  • Plastic smell in jar
Best easy-to-clean blenders
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Before buying the best easy-to-clean blender for your kitchen you should go through with below-mentioned beginner’s guide:

Beginner’s guide

There are some common key factors that you keep in mind before buying a new and best easy-to-clean blender. They are as follows:


Size matters a lot. Usually small and compact blenders are designed in a way that they are considered the best easy-to-clean blenders and they are also good for small spaced kitchens. If you want to buy a compact blender then you can consider Ninja Nutri Auto IQ or Nutribullet Pro 900 Blenders. They have great features with amazing power and quality material. But there are some large jar blenders also available that facilitate you with the auto cleaning feature and they are good for large quantity ingredients. The blenders that come under this category are Hamilton beach or Vitamix 5200.


It is advised to buy the best easy-to-clean blender with wonderful and unique features. Because the only easy cleaning feature is of no use and expensive and branded blenders don’t need to be also easy-to-clean blenders, sometimes affordable blenders also possess best features witan h auto cleaning facility as well. You can consider a home geek countertop blender if you want a blender that contains the best features and auto-cleaning facility as well.

Immersion or regular blender

Immersion blenders are the best alternative to regular blenders. They are easy to use and are pretty easy to clean so they can be categorized as the best easy-to-clean blenders. If you want a blender for regular use with versatile features and don’t want to spend hours cleaning then you should go for the Vitamix immersion blender. On the other hand,  if you can afford a regular blender and want a countertop blender then in this guide you will find many options for a regular blender.

Related FAQs

Why should you buy an easy-to-clean blender?

Maintenance of any appliance regularly is important and this rule also applies to blenders but cleaning the bottom of the blender and under the blender, blades are not easy for this purpose you should buy the best easy-to-clean blender for your kitchen so that you can use your blender for long with better performance.

Which blender is easiest to clean?

Although we mentioned a complete list of the best easy-to-clean blenders among those, you can say that immersion blenders, personal blenders and blenders whose parts are removable are pretty easy-to-clean blenders. 

Is an easy-to-clean blender expensive?

It is not necessarily important that every expensive blender is considered the best easy-to-clean blender because some expensive ones don’t have the facility of auto cleaning or have removable parts.

How hard is it to clean a blender?

Cleaning the blender is not difficult but you need to be a little careful while cleaning to prevent injury. You can use the vinegar method to avoid a dirty smell. You can check our guide on how to maintain your blender to learn details about cleaning a blender.

Is an easy-to-clean blender worth buying?

Easy-to-clean blender has many benefits like it helps increase the life of your blender, it lets your blender perform well, it keeps your blender shiny, it keeps your blender blades sharp and durable so easy to clean and is worth buying.

What is the easiest way to clean a blender?

Auto cleaning mode is the easiest way to clean the blender but if your blender doesn’t contain this feature but its parts are detachable then soak all the parts into the water except the motor, you can also use soapy water and a cleaning brush to clean your blender.


It’s better to buy a kitchen blender that contains amazing extraordinary features with great durability but to maintain the life of the blender you should consider the top best easy-to-clean blender from the list mentioned above.

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