Top 5 Best quietest blender in 2022

The most amazing blender for your kitchen is one that is the quietest blender on the market. You can use it anytime without any worries. But you need to choose one which is the quietest blender and worth buying. There are some important features you should consider before buying a best quietest blender and those are given below:

Buyers Guide 

Buyer is a must to read before buying the best quietest blender for you. It helps you make a perfect and right choice and let you not regret your decision.


The best quietest blender is the one that is the most versatile and able to perform almost every kitchen task. The versatile quiet blender is magic to your kitchen, it helps you make smoothies, milkshakes, purees, and anything anytime without disturbing your family member’s privacy.

Powerful motor 

The quiet blender without power and high speed is useless. You need a powerful blender for various tasks like crushing ice, making frozen fruit smoothies, experimenting with new recipes, and preparing fruit, veggie, or meat purees for your little one needs a powerful motor and for this purpose, you should check for the blender with high power motor if you want a best quietest blender for your kitchen.


Spending on appliances like a kitchen blender is a one time expense and for wise spending you should go for a blender with great durability a blender that creates less noise and is durable as well is a big plus for you. You will enjoy making celery juices, protein shakes, green smoothies, and many other activities without getting irritated for a long.

Best quietest blender in 2022 

Below mentioned is the list of all the best quietest blenders which you can choose for your kitchen:

  • Vitamix quiet one 
  • Blendtec professional 800 blender 
  • Hamilton beach quiet shield 
  • Cranndi K90-B 
  • Cuisinart hurricane
Blender NameFeatures
Vitamix quiet oneDurable blender
Blendtec professional 800 blender Thick stainless steel blades
Hamilton beach quiet shield Affordable blades
Cranndi K90-B Highly powerful motor
Cuisinart hurricaneGood capacity

Vitamix quiet one 

Stainless steel blades
Preset blending program
Best selling blender

Vitamix is one of the best-selling brands with amazing features and uniqueness. This brand contains blenders of all types like it has durable blenders, it has versatile blenders and it has quiet blenders as well. The Vitamix 36019 is the quietest blender to buy. It has 48 ounces of Tritan polycarbonate container which is large enough for large batches with 1800 watts of power motor.

It has six preset blending programs and 93 different motor speeds which are literally amazing. You can use this blender for crushing ice, pureeing meat, making frozen fruit smoothies, and many other things. It can perform every task in your kitchen with zero noise. Its remarkable feature is that you can customize its setting according to your desire. It offers great durability.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Durable
  • Preset blending program
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile
  • Expensive
Best quietest blender
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Blendtec professional 800 blender 

Unique features
Highly professional motor
Multipurpose blender
Great warranty

The other best quietest blender on our list is Blendtec pro 800. It has an 1800 watts of power motor for chopping, cutting, grinding, blending, and many other toughest purposes. It has a capacity of 36 oz which is enough for normal batches content. It has a unique advanced airflow technology with a sound enclosure that minimizes sound by ten decibels.

It has a pulse feature that works wonders for milkshakes, pure smooth smoothies, frozen items, thick paste-like purees and even you can use it for creamy hot soups. This blender works both automatically as well as manually. It has a durable WildSide jar and it offers a great ten years of warranty. You will get a blending guide and a recipe guide book with the purchase of this blender.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

Best blender with glass pitcher

  • Affordable
  • Thick sharp blades
  • Huge space
  • Highly professional
  • Good material
  • Useless and noisy without cover shield
Best quietest blender
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Hamilton beach quiet shield 

Pocket friendly
Contains pulse feature
Easy to operate
Easy to clean

If you are looking for the best quietest blender for your kitchen but at a pocket-friendly price then go for Hamilton beach quiet shield blender. It is an immensely powerful blender that can cut and chop nuts, ice, and any other hard ingredient without any hassle. It has a 32 oz of BPA-free plastic jar that maximizes airflow.

It has a pre-programmed setting for frozen fruit smoothies, crushing ice, and milkshakes. It contains a pulse feature to provide you with pure and smooth textured results. Its removable noise shield is good to minimize sounds while blending and it facilitates self-cleaning. You just need to put some soapy water into the blender and your blender will get automatically clean. It is worth buying a blender.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: An Amazon customer review about this product in following words:

  • Professional blender
  • Self-cleaning
  • Preprogrammed setting
  • Good capacity
  • Versatility
  • Motor power is not peak
Best quietest blender
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Cranndi K90-B 

Huge powerful motor
BPA free plastic jar
Overheating protection
15 speed settings
Six layer stainless steel blades

Cranndi can be categorized under the list of the best quietest blender and it has a highly professional 2200 watts of peak powerful motor that is good enough for nut butter, grinding rice, chopping veggies, or crushing ice. It is an ideal blender to try different recipes even for rough and tough ingredients without worrying about any damage. It has a BPA-free plastic pitcher of 80 oz which can handle large stuff content without any hustle.

This blender has 15-speed settings with a pulse feature so you can easily get your desired results. The other incredible feature of this blender is that it has a physical mechanism and overheating protection that keeps this blender from damaging. It has six-layer stainless steel blades that can pulverize any ingredient within seconds. It has a self-cleaning facility and it contains a tamper that is helpful in fast performance.

  • Huge powerful motor
  • BPA free plastic jar
  • Overheating protection
  • 15 speed settings
  • Six layer stainless steel blades
  • Plastic pitcher leaves plastic taste in smoothies
Best quietest blender
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Cuisinart hurricane

BPA free Tritan jar
Two preprogrammed settings
Affordable blender
Great warranty
Huge space

Cuisinart hurricane is a different blender from the ones mentioned above. It is designed in a way that it contains a double housing which reduces much of the noise of the blender while blending. It has 60 ounces of BPA-free plastic Tritan jar that can handle large quantities easily. You can blend huge quantities of stuff with the help of this blender in one go.

It has two pre-programmed settings including smoothies and crushing ice and it sets the motor according to your stuff very effectively. It is also affordable with unique features so you can use this blender for a long time for daily smoothies, purees, milkshakes, and crushing ice. It offers three years of warranty but you will surely use this blender for almost five years without any worries if you work on regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • BPA free Tritan jar
  • Two preprogrammed settings
  • Affordable blender
  • Great warranty
  • Huge space
  • Too large
Best quietest blender
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Related FAQs 

Is a quiet blender worth buying?

Quiet blenders are worth buying. They are compact, and powerful and create less noise while blending ingredients. They have a separate shield or noise dampening to reduce the sound while blending. They are affordable and also able to perform various kitchen tasks in one go without any hassle.

How long will the quiet blender last?

Quiet blenders are like normal blenders in general. They have the same power motor, sharp blades, versatility, and durability. They just contain an extra shield that can reduce the noise of blending so they have the same life of three to five years as other regular normal blenders.

Is there such a thing as a noiseless blender?

Yes, in this fast-growing era we have a facility to use noiseless blenders in our kitchen if we don’t like blending sound or anyone in our family quietest blenders which are quietest are:Vitamix quiet one, Blendtec professional 800 blenders, Hamilton beach quiet shield, Cranndi K90-B, Cuisinart hurricane


This guide contains all the necessary details about the best quietest blender which you can purchase for your kitchen without investing much time and effort. It has all the details including features, pros, and cons of all the blenders that can be good for you.

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