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You always hear that blenders are used to make delicious smoothies or delightful shakes so the question raises is can blenders do dry grinding? If you are an owner of an expensive and branded high-quality blender then you are anxious to know that, don’t bother more in this guide you will explore the answer to this question in detail.

Question: Can blenders do dry grinding?

Dry grinding is breaking, cutting, or tearing dry or hard ingredients to convert them into powder form or to crush them into small pieces. Dry grinding is a simple process. In this process, ingredients travel within a contained area but there are specific machines or kitchen tools that are solely designed to grind dry ingredients. Blenders can do dry grinding in some cases but they are not meant for it. If your blender has a high-power motor and a dry container then you can think of it but all blenders are not manufactured for dry grinding purposes.

Can blenders do dry grinding?
Can blenders do dry grinding?

What is a dry container?

The dry containers are specially designed to efficiently and effectively handle dry ingredients like grains, coffee beans, spices, dough, cereals, etc. Vitamix brand provides a facility for dry ingredients.

If you are thinking of dry grinding with the help of blenders then you should consider the following factors:

Which blender is best for dry grinding?

If you are thinking of buying a quality blender for dry grinding then you must analyze the below-mentioned factors:

  • A blender with a powerful high motor can do dry grinding perfectly.
  • A compact blender is the best for dry grinding.
  • Blender with an easy-to-clean facility is good for dry grinding purposes.
  • Blender blades that are specially designed to cut, break or grind dry ingredients are adequate for dry grinding.
  • Blender with pulse features is the best choice for dry grinding ingredients.
Can blenders do dry grinding
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How do blenders do dry grinding?

If you intend to grind dry ingredients with the help of blenders then you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

Prepare your ingredients

It is not advised to put your dry ingredients like coffee beans or spices into the blender directly. It can harm your blender and create trouble while blending but if you have a special grinding blender then you can dry grind directly putting your ingredients into the blender.

Make them smaller 

In the case of a normal blender, put your ingredients into the zipper-lock bag and then flatten the bag carefully and hit it with a hammer on it. Make sure your hammer should be a small kitchen hammer. Use the hammer and convert all the ingredients into small pieces.

Grind them well

Empty the zipper-lock bag into the blender and start dry grinding. Your blender should be at high speed and use the pulse features to evenly grind ingredients well.  By following this method you can easily make dry ingredients powder within a few minutes.

Tips and Tricks

The above-mentioned method helps you grind dry ingredients easily and grimly but you should also consider following tips and tricks for better results.

  • Divide your dry ingredients into small batches.
  • Prevent blending extra hard or hot ingredients.
  • Consider using a grinding blender.
  • It’s better to use a dry container for dry hard ingredients.
  • Always read your blender manual guidebook before using the blender for dry grinding.

Benefits and flaws

It’s recommended to use the grinder for dry grinding but sometimes when your grinder doesn’t work or you don’t own one then you have to use a blender for this purpose there are some pros and cons of using blenders for dry grinding which are given below:


  • It helps to make firm powder of dry ingredients well.
  • It saves your earning spend on purchasing a spice grinder. 
  • The high-power motor works fast and saves your time to a great extent. 


  • Dry grinding can make your blender blades dull or bend them. 
  • The poorer quality or old blender will not give you the desired result.
  • Dry grinding also affects your blender motor. 

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Which is best for dry grinding: blender or grinder?

There is a vast difference between grinders and blenders. They both are designed differently and they both have their specialties and functional abilities. The difference between them is listed below:

  • Blenders can handle wet or liquid ingredients perfectly while grinders are good for both dry as well as wet ingredients.
  • Blender blades are several in numbers and designed to work in upward as well as downward positions. On the other hand, the grinder blades are set in two generally and are in a flat or horizontal position.
  • Blender can handle a limited amount in case of dry grinding but grinders can grind bulk dry ingredients easily.
  • Blenders are used to make purees, liquify smoothies, and shakes or emulsify food; on contrary, grinders are used to cut, break or tear off ingredients into small pieces or powder form.
  • Blenders are large while grinders are compact as compared to blenders.
Can you grind coffee beans in a Vitamix
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Related FAQs

Can you grind dry food in a blender?

If you own a powerful high-quality professional blender like Vitamix or Ninja then they are no problem with grinding dry fruits in a blender but if you want to use a normal blender for grinding dry food then it is not recommended.

Can I use a blender instead of a grinder?

You can use a blender instead of a grinder in emergencies like your grinder stopping working or you don’t possess one. But it is better to avoid using a blender for dry grinding spices, coffee beans, herbs, or just, etc because it can hurt your blender blades as well as your blender motor.

Can you grind coffee beans in a blender?

Yes, sometimes you can grind coffee beans in a blender and the steps are given below:

  • Divide your coffee beans into small batches and prepare your blender.
  • Put the coffee bean in the blender and cover the blender lid.
  • Blend the coffee beans well.

Can you grind nuts in a blender?

You can surely grind nuts in a blender with the amazing pulse feature of blenders within seconds but you need to be extra careful and professional. If you want a but powder for your health but milk or nut butter then a blender is the best option but if you want to chop or crush blenders then you have to keep a close eye while blending nuts until they become crushed. For detailed guidance, you can check if you can chop nuts in a blender.

can you chop nuts in a blender

What can you grind in a blender?

Blender is not good for grinding purposes but sometimes you can use it if need be but you have to avoid some items in any case like grinding hot dry ingredients, extremely hard items, or for chopping and crushing dry ingredients, etc.

Best blender for dry grinding? 

Vitamix is one of the best blenders for dry grinding. It has a professional high-power motor that can handle dry ingredients without any hurdle and it also contains a dry container which is very useful for dry grinding. Vitamix has sharp stainless steel blades that don’t get hurt when you put dry ingredients in a blender.


It is concluded that the blenders with a grinding setting or that contain a dry container and a high-power motor can be used for dry grinding but it is better to use grinders for grinding purposes for better results and preventing harming your blenders because grinding can easily bend or dull your blender blades and affect your blender motor to a great extent and grinding spices also start heating so it can damage your blenders quality and life.

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