Can you whip egg whites in a blender 7steps

Professional chefs generally use blenders to whip egg whites which compels you to think Can you whip egg whites in a blender? The simple answer to this question is Yes, you can but there are limitations. 

This guide will help you understand briefly Can you whip egg whites in a blender or not and what is the procedure and limitations.

Can you whip egg whites in a blender

Reason: why is blender not suitable to whip eggs?

As mentioned above you can use a blender to whip egg whites but it is not recommended except in an emergency. The most common reasons why is blender not suitable to whip eggs are listed below:

  • Egg whites are lighter in weight and they become soft and fluffy after beating. They need a cyclonic motion to become the desired texture and blender’s blades are not designed to run in a cyclonic motion. 
  • Blenders also have too high a speed and if you blend egg whites continuously with the blender then they will become unduly soft and paste in texture.
  • If you are not a professional chef then using blenders to whip egg whites will waste your eggs and thus your money.
  • Egg whites are most commonly used in your desserts like cakes or cocktails in a form-like texture and if you use blenders to whip eggs then instead of getting a soft fluffy texture you in result you will get a rubber-like rough texture due to sharp blender blades which will cut the egg whites instead of whisking it.
  • When your blender overly whipped egg whites then it destroyed all the protein available in them.

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Every appliance is designed with a purpose and electric or hand beaters and whiskers are specifically designed to whip eggs appropriately. It is better to use them to achieve your perfect goals instead of using any other appliance. You can read the proper method to whip egg whites below:

How to whip egg whites accurately?

Egg whites are thick, transparent, and clear liquid around egg yolk. It contains only 10% of protein and 90% of water and is good for health. It is used to make cakes, muffins, or other fry items. Read below in detail how to whip egg whites correctly.

  • Take three or four eggs to your countertop.
  • Crack them and put them in a bowl and remove the yolk from them carefully.
  • Take an electric or hand whisker or beater.
  • Switch on the beater and beat well.
  • Start with a slow speed and slowly increase the speed of the blender.
  • Beat until you see a soft foamy texture in the bowl.
  • Beat more for ten minutes and you are done.
  • Use whipped egg white accordingly.
Can you whip egg whites in a blender
Can you whip egg whites in a blender?

The texture of egg whites known as stiff peaks is most commonly used to make delicious dishes like pastries, pancakes, or waffles. It is the egg whites that are whipped at their peak consistency. The method to make stiff peak egg whites is mentioned below:

How to make stiff peak egg whites?

The trapped air in the egg whites when whipped to its peak creates a stiff peak egg whites. It makes dishes soft and fluffy. The process to make a stiff peak is easy but tricky, a single mistake can destroy your goal.

  • Take at least three to four eggs and crack them.
  • Put them in a bowl and separate the yolk from it.
  • Remember your egg whites must not contain a single drop of yolk because it will not let you make stiff peaks.
  • Use any tool like a hand whisk, electric beater, or electric whisk to whip eggs properly.
  • Use the appliance at full speed in a circular motion and upward and downward positions continuously.
  • After the frothy stage, add a pinch of salt( you can use cream of tartar, vinegar, or lemon juice also instead of salt).
  • Again whip eggs for a few more minutes. 
  • Now you are going to achieve the soft peak consistency of egg whites. The sign to judge the soft peak egg whites is when you stop beating them, they will start dropping immediately. 
  • Beat more and reach a firm peak phase. In the firm peak, your mixture will remain whipped for time and then slowly start dropping.
  • And more beating will give you a stiff peak texture of your egg whites. In the stiff peak stage, your egg white will remain in a form-like texture and will not droop whatever happens. 
Can you whip egg whites in a blender
Can you whip egg whites in a blender?

To achieve this texture of egg whites you need to focus on all the procedures carefully and you will be done after complete hard work. Sometimes it happens that after all the procedures you are unable to get the stiff peaks texture of your egg whites. There can be many reasons which are mentioned in detail below:

Why is my egg white not getting a stiff peak?

It’s heart-wrenching when your egg whites don’t get a stiff peak. It feels like crying. There can be some possible mistakes you made which keep you from getting stiff peaks.

  • Your eggs are not cold.
  • A little bit of egg yolk remains in it.
  • Your bowl is oily or your beater contains oil.
  • You didn’t choose the right equipment.
  • Your container is dirty.
  • You have mixed all ingredients too early.
  • You didn’t choose the right tool.

We have a very amazing tip that will work for you to make stiff peak egg whites. Read below:

  • Always bring your eggs to room temperature before beating them.
  • Use clean equipment to beat eggs.
  • Use a copper or aluminum container if you want to make stiff peaks.
  • Let your egg whites blend well and then put any other ingredient in it.
  • Remove complete egg yolk.

Related FAQs

Can you whip egg white with an immersion blender?

 Yes, you can use immersion blenders to whip egg whites but it is not recommended as immersion blenders are not able to give the desired textured egg whites and if you want stiff peaks then you will not get it with immersion blenders but in the case of an emergency you can use immersion blenders to normally whip egg whites.

How long does it take to whip egg white by hand?

Whisking eggs by hand is too time-consuming than beating them with an electric beater. The duration of whipping egg white by hand depends on the number of eggs. The more eggs you take to beat the more time it will take. And the huge quantity will make you tired eventually so it is better to use an electric beater and make your living simple and easy.

Best appliance to whip egg whites?

A whisk balloon is a perfect tool to whip egg whites in the desired consistency. It is specifically designed to whip egg whites to achieve a stiff peak texture. It enhances the volume of egg whites. It is a stick-like tool with a balloon shape whisk in front. A whisk balloon helps you get a foamy and soft fluffy texture of egg whites. You just need to use a whisk balloon in a circular direction upward and downward.

Can you whip egg whites in a blender

Can you whip egg white in a NutriBullet?

Yes, you can surely use NutriBullet to whip egg whites but it is not recommended. You need to use Nutribullet carefully with low speed to whip egg whites correctly. NutriBullet is a blender and can not work for you in whipping egg whites if you are not professional.

Can you whip egg white by hand?

You can whip eggs white by hand but it will be too time-consuming, it will cost lots of your energy and you will end up tiring. Take a fork or a hand blender and blend it well in a circular direction moving upward and downward continuously and whip your egg whites until you achieve your desired texture.

How to use over-beaten eggs?

Whenever you have over-beaten eggs that don’t fret, you can still use them. 

  • Put a new egg white in it and again whip it carefully.
  • Make an omelet with it and utilize it in that way.
  • Use it in some other recipe and utilize it.

Can you store whipped egg white?

Whipped egg white can not be stored as it will not remain whipped if it is kept in the fridge or container. All your efforts will be wasted if you think to do so. It is advised to use whipped egg whites immediately after whipping.


This guide is perfect to solve your problem. Can you whip egg white in a blender? Above it, this guide also helps you explore those methods which are perfect to whip egg whites and also answers your questions regarding whipped egg whites.  We hope you found this guide worthy.

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