How To Clean Ninja Blender Blades – 2 Secrets

Really? Does it seem difficult to you how to clean Ninja blender blades whenever you use them in your kitchen? Sometimes you want to have a delicious bowl of soup or a mouth-watering shake or any type of slush but due to the fear of cleaning blender blades, you kill your desire.

So, here have a look at this guide. This guide is all about the tips and techniques which will tell us how to clean ninja blender blades easily and effectively.

The kitchen is the heart of our houses. We spend most of our time cooking food and enjoying it. And in this fast-growing digital and technical era, kitchen appliances play a vital role in our daily lives.

Some appliances are difficult to clean. Among those, the Ninja blender blades are one of them. It is nearly messy and annoying to clean blender blades. The parts of blenders such as blades and lids etc can hurt human hands.

In this guide, we will discuss how to clean ninja blender blades quickly and without hurting hands. So without wasting more time let’s discuss ninja blender blades cleaning.

How to clean ninja blender blades
How to clean ninja blender blades?

Best Way to Clean Ninja Blender Blades?

Ever happened to you that you wanna make a yummilicious smoothie but because of the fear of cleaning the ninja blender properly, you didn’t fulfill your cravings. So don’t worry now, after reading the below-mentioned article you will never think twice about making a smoothie. The very first precaution you should take is to wear gloves before cleaning blender blades. Because it is not entirely safe to clean sharp ninja blender blades without wearing anything.

how to clean ninja blender blades?

Natural Remedies Wash Ninja Blender With Vinegar

The easiest way to clean ninja blender blades that can opt at any time is the homemade natural cleaning spray. The spray contains half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of water. It’s just as simple as a piece of cake. Just remove the glass cover over the blades and then put an excess amount of this spray on the blender blades. Leave it for a while then rinse it with water thoroughly.

Dish wash

The other common way to clean ninja blender blades is the use of the dishwasher. We all normally use dishwashers in our houses so whenever you want to clean your ninja blender blades just soak the dishwasher brush in water and then put some dishwasher in that brush and then apply this brush properly on blender blades until they become completely clean. It is also the effective and quickest way you can opt.

Related FAQs

How do you clean blender blades?

Cleaning blender blades is not an easy task. It needs proper care because the sharp blender blades can harm your hands badly. Some blender blades can be removable, and you can put them in soapy water for a few minutes and then rinse them with warm water and dry them. But for nonremovable blades, you need to put the dishwasher and water in a pitcher and soak them for a few seconds, and then after rinsing it with water, dry them carefully.

How do you take apart Ninja blades?

Some Ninja blenders facilitate you with removable blades. So the steps of taking apart ninja blades are given below:

  • Take a piece of towel.
  • Put that towel on the blender blades.
  • Grasp the blades by holding them with a towel carefully.
  • And you are done with taking the blender blades apart.

How to clean Ninja auto IQ base?

Cleaning Ninja auto IQ base is pretty simple. The first way to clean the blender base is through the self-clearing facility. You can put the dishwasher and water in the blender and switch on the self-cleaning mode to clean it. The other way to clean the Ninja auto IQ base is to disassemble the blender pitcher from the base and then carefully clean the base of the blender, but in this method, you need to be careful with the blender blades.

How to clean Ninja pitcher?

The most popular question asked is how to clean a Ninja pitcher. You put all your ingredients in the pitcher. Your pitcher gets dirty and gets too bad a smell. But cleaning a pitcher is very simple. You can clean it by self-cleaning mode; the other day, you can disassemble the pitcher from the base, and through the dishwasher, you can clean it perfectly with the sponge.

Can you wash ninja blender in dishwasher?

The pitcher, Nutri Ninja cups, lids, Stacked Blade Assembly and Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly can all be washed in the dishwasher. Top racks are recommended for lids and blade assemblies. Place the cup or pitcher in the dishwasher after removing the blade assembly.


So, as you learn the tips and techniques of cleaning ninja blender blades easily and you found out that it’s not a big problem at all. You can enjoy your mouth-watering smoothie or juices or soups anytime and after that, you can easily clean the ninja blender blades through the above-mentioned homemade spray or dishwasher available at your home. After this process just dries their blades with a piece of towel and tadaa! you did it.

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