How to clean the blender base 3 easy tips

Using kitchen blenders for different activities on a daily basis but blank how to clean them properly? Don’t think farther. We are here to guide step by step how to clean the blender base perfectly. 

Cleaning is the basic thing we need to do to maintain our house, our kitchen, and our appliances as well. Regular cleaning makes your work easy than cleaning every week. Regular cleaning costs less time and energy. And it prevents your blender from getting dirty and stubborn food stains and milky smell. 

how to clean the blender base
How to clean the blender base

Here is the step by step guide on how to clean the blender base.

Methods: How to clean the blender base? 

Blender base is the  part of a blender that’s more difficult to clean and gets more dirty with every use . It is the prior part and it needs more attention as well. So, this guide is solely about how to clean the blender base

Always keep in mind to unplug the blender base before cleaning. It will keep you safe. The regular cleaning will keep your blender’s performance well and it will always look brand new. And never soak the blender base in the water for cleaning purposes because it will ruin your blender motor or control system and will waste your money. And you will end up asking yourself why my blender is not blending. Let’s focus on the methods of how to clean the blender base below:

Cleaning through blending

The very first quickest method to clean the blender base is through the blender itself. Put some dishwasher and water in the blender and cover the lid. Then, switch on the power button and let it blend. The diluted dishwasher will clean your blender perfectly. After that switch off the power button and empty the diluted dishwasher and rinse the blender with fresh water. To get rid of the dirty smell you can put half cup vinegar and half cup of water in the jar and keep it for half an hour. After that, empty the jar and rinse well. 

You can adopt this method if you don’t blend solid or creamy food that will not stick into the blender. You can use this method if you clean your blender daily.

How to clean the blender base

Cleaning by disassembling

This is the detailed cleaning method in the category of how to clean the blender base. If you made something creamy and your food particles stick to your blender then it’s better to clean your blender base by using this method. 

First remove the blender from the base carefully. Now, remove any solid food particles which are removable through hands easily. If you contain a blender whose blades are removable then it will be comfy to remove the blender blades and if not then use hand gloves for cleaning purposes so you may not end up hurting your fingers.

After that put some dishwasher in dishwasher brush and then clean your blender base with this brush. The next step is to clean the blender base with a damp towel and then finally dry it with another towel. 

If you want to get rid of the dirty smell from your blender, use vinegar diluted spray for this purpose. 

how to clean a blender with vinegar?

Related FAQs

How do you clean under a blender blade?

Cleaning under blender blades is pretty simple. Pour some water into the dirty blender and add some dishwasher. Switch on the self-cleaning mode, and your blender will completely clean under the blades.

But if you blend something sticky like peanut butter, put some water with the dishwasher in a blender and leave it for an hour so that all the stubborn sticky material can come out.

How do you remove rust from blender blades?

You can remove rust from your blender blades by assembling them from the blender and soaking then scrubbing them with baking soda and water paste. After covering whole blades in that paste properly, leave it for half an hour and then rinse it with warm water.

How do you remove buildup in a blender?

The buildup is a cloudy film that comes inside your blender sometimes after you blend any smoothie or shake. But removing this buildup is too simple. You can pour some. vinegar and water into a blender and soak it for a while. Now switch on the self-cleaning mode. After cleaning it with vinegar water, rinse it with warm water and your blender will become shiny and clean again.


It’s better to clean the blender with every use by following the first quickest method of the above guide on how to clean the blender base. The longer the food particles stay in the blender base, the harder they leave stains and dirty smells on them. The vinegar is so effective to get rid of the dirty smell from the blender perfectly. Your blender base is like your heart, as you keep your heart clean to keep your body active you need to clean your blender base clean so that your blender will work perfectly fine for long. 

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