How To Make Banana Milkshake Without Blender (5 Best Methods)

Banana milkshake! When you hear these words, your mind clicks the craving to enjoy that delicious milkshake. Banana is a very common milkshake everybody used to drink. But everybody doesn’t possess a blender to make quick milkshakes or smoothies. So we bought you a solution to how to make banana milkshake without blender?

Does Banana Milkshake Healthy?

  • Homemade banana milkshakes are pure and healthy.
  • They are rich in rich in potassium, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin C.
  • They contain healthy fats and high-quality protein which helps in increasing weight.
  • Banana milkshakes are too good after a prolonged illness. And if they will make with almonds or dates, then they become healthy for yourself.
  • They reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
How to make banana milkshake without blender?
How to make banana milkshake without blender?

How to Make Banana Milkshake Without Blender?

A banana milkshake is the easiest shake you can make without a blender if you don’t have one in your kitchen. And after highlighting the benefits of a banana milkshake, you must have a banana milkshake in your routine, but can you drink a banana milkshake daily? Absolutely yes, there is no harm in having a banana milkshake daily. If you are diet conscious, you can lower the calories and enjoy your banana milkshake. Let’s discuss how to make banana milkshake without blender?

Many different methods will help you to understand how to make banana milkshake without blender. They all are explained below: 

Method 1

First of all, be calm and start making your milkshake with complete joy. Let’s take all the ingredients first, 


  • Bananas
  • Milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Ice cream or chocolate or anything of your choice.


  • First, peel off all the bananas and cut them into small pieces. Two bananas will be good for a fine smoothie glass. 
  • Mash all the bananas in a bowl until they become completely smooth. Take care that no lumps will be left.
  • You can add some ice cream to make it thick and creamy because handmade shakes can never be smooth and thick.
  • Now beat, beat and beat all the better to make it well mixed. You can use a hand beater for this purpose.
  • Now pour some milk into this mixture and then whisk well.
  • You can use the bottle to mix this mixer by shaking it well.
  • Your banana milkshake is ready. Pour it into a glass and put some ice cubes to enjoy a cold banana shake.
How to make banana milkshake without blender
How to make banana milkshake without blender?

Method 2

Another method of making banana shake without a blender is given below:


Ingredients will remain the same in this method as in the above method.


  • This method is easier than the above one. If you have a hand mixer, electric mixer, or electric beater, you can put all the ingredients in the container.
  • Now use your electric mixer or beater and best shake well.
  • You can enjoy your banana shake by adding some ice cubes to it.

Method 3

Making banana shakes without a blender with hand whisk is also common and preferable. It is also quicker and easier than method one. 


In this method, ingredients will remain the same as in method one.


  • Put bananas and ice cream( if you want) in a large bowl or a container, and then mash it accurately. 
  • Now add your desired amount of milk to it.
  • Use a hand whisk(if you have one) to whisk it well.
  • Your banana milkshake is ready. You can enjoy it with ice cubes as well.

Method 4 

Many people don’t possess regular blenders, but they use immersion blenders as they are affordable and easy to use. This method is applicable for those who have immersion blenders or, in simple words, hand blenders. You can make a quick banana milkshake with the help of an immersion blender. You need the same ingredients like banana, milk, and ice cream if you want, of course.


Ingredients will be the same.


  • This method is as simple as enjoying the delicious smoothies or shakes. It would be best to have a mason jar to use this method.
  • Put all your ingredients in a mason jar and plug your immersion blender
  • Blend well with your blender to get the desired thick and smooth results.
  • You can add crushed Oreos as a topping on your banana shakes.
How to make banana milkshake without blender

Method 5

Another solution for how to making banana milkshakes without blender is a microwave oven. If you have a microwave oven, you can also easily make your favorite healthy banana milkshake. 


Use the same ingredients: bananas, milk and ice cream, or chocolate syrup.


  • First, put all the ingredients in the mason jar.
  • Now, microwave the bananas and ice cream only.
  • When the microwave is done, add some milk and shake it well.
  • Add ice cubes, candies, cookies, whipping cream, or crushed Oreos for topping.

Related FAQs

Can you make a milkshake with a hand whisk?

Banana milkshakes are pretty easy to make. If you don’t have a kitchen blender, you can still make a banana milkshake at home with the help of a hand whisk. Mash your bananas by using a fork in a bowl, and add a little amount of milk in it and powdered sugar. Now, it is well with the hand whisk and enjoys your favorite banana milkshake.

Do bananas and milk make you gain weight?

Banana is a good source of weight gain and helps your body get strong, but bananas with milk increase your weight by nine times. If you are weak, make it your habit to drink one glass of banana milkshake daily. It is highly nutritious.

How to make a banana milkshake with a blender?

You can quickly make a banana milkshake with the help of a blender. 

  • Put your desired amount of bananas in a blender.
  • Add some sugar and milk to it.
  • If you like ice cream, then add some ice cream for flavor.
  • Cover the lid of the blender and blend well.
  • Pour your banana milkshake into a glass and put some ice cubes on it.
  • Enjoy your delicious banana milkshake.


Blenders are like blessings in disguise. It would be best if you had ninja blenders in your kitchen in this mechanical era for the comfort of your kitchen life. But everyone cannot afford these kitchen appliances. But still, you can enjoy your favorite banana shakes if you are craving one. You can follow our above guide on how to make banana milkshake without blender and can make delightful banana milkshakes for yourself or your family or guests.

As it is said: There is a will; there will always be a way.

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