How to make carrot juice without a blender

. Carrot juice actually doesn’t need a blender. A good quality food factory is specifically designed to make carrot juice. Sit relaxed and read till the end, this guide will summarise for you how to make carrot juice without a blender. 

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Why is it important to know how to make carrot juice without a blender? Why can’t you leave to having carrot juice? Because carrot juice is healthy for you, it has uncountable advantages. According to Statista, the per capita consumption of fresh carrots in the United States in  2020 is approximately 7.71 pounds. It means people have carrots and carrot juices in their routine. 

Carrots are highly nutritious vegetables and are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin k, and vitamin B6. If you start your day with a glass of carrot juice, you begin a healthy day. 

how to make carrot juice without a blender

Advantages of carrot juice

Carrot juice has a lot of advantages. For instance:

  • Carrots are suitable for your eyesight. It helps you to maintain your eye health. It is beneficial for protecting the retina and lens. 
  • Carrots can lessen the risk of any heart disease. It will help good blood circulation in your body. It minimizes the arteries from getting blocked.
  • Carrot juice helps you to regulate your blood pressure and your cholesterol level. 
  • Carrots are also good for your skin and hair. The intake of carrot juice makes your skin glowing and your hair shiny and silky. 
  • Carrot juice is the best immune-boosting drink. Kids and old-age people should drink carrot juice to boost their immune systems.

After reading about the fantastic benefits of carrot juice, let’s discuss how to make carrot juice. 

How to make carrot juice without a blender?

If you have a juicer or food factory in your beautiful kitchen, then you can easily make carrot juice without a blender within a minute. Juicers are manufactured to make juices. It’s good to consume carrots freshly, but who can eat carrots all day long, so having carrot juice can make it easy to take lots of Vitamin A within a minute. Below are the steps on how to make carrot juice without a blender. 

how to make carrot juice without a blender
How to make carrot juice without a blender

Steps: How to make carrot juice without a blender? 

To make carrot juice, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps correctly, and you will get your desired result. If you want to make pure carrot juice, a food factory is the best option, and if you’re going to have carrot juice with chunks of carrot in it, you can use a juicer for this purpose. Now focus on the steps:

Do carrots need to peel before juicing? 

The first step to making carrot juice is to peel carrots carefully. Wash the carrots with fresh water and then peel them to remove any bacteria or other infectious germs.  Peeling makes an unhealthy fruit hygienic for your health. 

Chop or grate well

After peeling carrots, chop them into small pieces so that they will not create a mess with your juicer or will not dull your juicer blades. You can also grate carrots for better results. 

Pour some water

To get the best result for your delicious carrot juice, pour half a cup of water to make the liquid consistency in the juicer. Dry carrots alone will create problems in juicing. 

If you don’t want to add water, you can also add lemon, ginger, and orange to enhance your taste and orange carrot juice is also good for your health. 

Strain well

If you are using a food factory to make carrot juice, then there is no need to strain the liquid, but if you are using a blender or if you don’t have a blender and make juice with a juicer, you have to strain it well with a strainer. 

 Pour your carrot juice into the glass and add some ice cubes to enjoy cold carrot juice. 

Related FAQs

How many carrots does it take to make a cup of juice? 

One glass of 8 ounces of carrots juice has about 800% of your daily intake of vitamin A and 35% of your daily intake of vitamin C and only 80 calories approx which is ideal for a person on a diet. 

If you want to know how to make a glass of carrot juice? So the answer is, you will need eight to nine carrots to make a glass of carrot juice, and if you want to make orange and carrot juice, you will need six carrots and one orange. 

how to make carrot juice without a blender

Can you drink carrot juice daily? 

If you love any juice, smoothie, e or shake, you want to drink it daily. And some fruits or veggies are healthy for you to take daily, but it’s not the case with carrot juice. 

You can take half a glass of carrot juice daily, but a full glass of carrot juice daily will be dangerous for your skin. Carrot contains carotenemia, which causes your skin to turn yellow after some time. 

Can raw carrots be blended? 

You can blend raw carrots in a food factory because it is ideally manufactured for them. But if you are using a blender or juicer to make carrot juice, then it is better not to use raw carrots alone. They will end up messing with your blades and make them dull. 

Better option: juice or blend carrots? 

Juicing carrots extracts all the necessary nutrition and leaves liquid only while blending. You can intake fiber and other nutrition in your diet, so blending carrots is healthier than juicing carrots.

Carrot apple juice without a juicer? 

Take an apple and two carrots. Add some sugar if you want a sweet taste. Add some water to it and put it all in a blender. Cover the lid of the blender and blend it well. Your apple carrot juice is ready. Pour it into a glass and add some ice cubes and enjoy. 

How to make carrot juice for pregnant ladies? 

Carrots are good for Vitamin, fiber, and another nutrient intake. It is a healthy juice for pregnant women and refreshes an exhausted mommy. The carrot juice recipe for pregnant ladies is pretty simple. Put carrots, apples, and ginger with water in a blender and blend in well. Enjoy with little ice cubes.


How to make carrot juice without a blender is a problem for you when you are a beginner at making juices. But every issue has a solution, and so does this problem. You can follow our straightforward guide above to educate yourself on what to use instead of a blender to make carrot juice. 

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