How to make ginger shots with a blender fast

Don’t have a juicer? But want to make ginger shots? Don’t fret. Blender is your solution. Yeah, you hear it right. Blenders have many benefits. You can make ginger shots with a blender as well. But, do you actually know how to make ginger shots with a blender? Don’t fret more. This guide is all about how to make ginger shots with a blender.

Can you make ginger shots with a blender?

Before you know How to make ginger shot with a blender you must have knowledge can you make ginger shots with a blender or not.

Blenders are multi-purpose kitchen appliances used to make a variety of items daily. You can blend, puree and emulsify food with the help of a blender. They can also be used to make ginger shots for your super cravings. Though it is a challenging task to make ginger shots with the help of a blender but it is not impossible. But does ginger shots good for you?

How to make ginger shots with a blender
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Does ginger shots good for you?

You will be amazed to know how many ginger shots are beneficial for you. Gingers obtain importance mainly because of gingerol. And that gingerol possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidants thatĀ :

  • Build the immune system strong and helps the body to fight stubborn diseases. 
  • Gingers are also rich in acid that burns calories and fat and emerges metabolism fast and help your body to maintain a healthy system.
  • Gingers are also good to cure nausea. It is the reason that many pregnant ladies use ginger shots frequently to prevent morning sickness. 

So with these benefits, you can judge what role ginger shots can play in your healthy life. You must know the procedure on how to make ginger shots with a blender?

how to make ginger shots with a blender
Does ginger shots good for you??

How to make ginger shots with a blender?

Gingers are rich in volatile oil that lubricates the digestive system and improve your metabolism and it also helps to lose weight. It is a kind of detox for your body. There are many recipes for making ginger shots. The very first and most important thing you need to make a ginger shot is a high-performance blender. It’s quite difficult to make ginger shots with a low-powered blender and it will also take much time. It is better to buy branded and quality blender if you love ginger shots as daily detox water. Let’s follow the steps to know how to make ginger shots with a blender?


  • Wash the ginger properly and then peel them off.
  • After peeling, cut them into inches cubes.
  • After you are done with ginger, add them to your blender jar and pour some water. The quantity of water must be enough to blend ginger completely.
  • When you are done with blending you can attain the ginger juice through a strainer.
  • Enjoy your pure mouth-watering ginger shot.

If you want to try different recipes read below:

Lemon ginger shot recipe

You can add lemon to your ginger shots to make simple lemon ginger shots. Lemons are good for hydration and they contain high amounts of citric acid which work like a digestive aid and they also provide you with Vitamin C.

Lemon ginger shots recipe
Lemon ginger shot recipe

Ginger shot recipe to cure cold

Make simple ginger shot by following the above-mentioned recipe and then add some honey in it, to get sweetened ginger shots or honey ginger shots to fulfill your cravings.

Ginger shot recipe for the immune system

Turmeric provides your body with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. You can boost your energy level by adding half a teaspoon of turmeric to your ginger shots. It also helps you to fight different diseases.

How to make ginger shots for weight loss?

You can use a lemon ginger shot recipe to lose weight. Just make simple lemon ginger shot by following the above recipe and drink it daily early in the morning. And you will see the results within a week.

Related FAQs

What does ginger do for your body?

Ginger works wonders if we talk about health benefits to your body. It boosts your immune system, helps burn calories, prevents nausea, fastens your metabolism, and is also helpful in minimizing weight.

How to make ginger shot with ginger powder?

Making a ginger shot using ginger powder is very easy. You don’t need to put whole ginger in a blender; add the ginger powder with other ingredients and blend it well to enjoy a delightful and healthy ginger shot.

How to make a ginger shot at home?

Wash the fresh ginger properly to avoid all the germs from it. Cut the ginger two inches and put it in a juicer or blender with some water. Cover the lid of the blender and switch on the blender to blend well. Your homemade ginger shot is read. Pour it into a glass and enjoy it.

Ginger shots before or after a meal?

It is advised to take ginger shots after a heavy meal. Ginger contains the ability to fasten your metabolism and improve your digestive system so after every heavy meal ginger shot will work wonders.

How to make ginger shot with orange juice?

Making a ginger shot with orange juice is pretty simple. You can make a ginger shot with the method mentioned above, add orange juice with the other ingredients before blending, and you are done with making ginger shots with orange juice.

When to take ginger shots??

Ginger shots are very beneficial for your health and body.

  •  You can take ginger shots to prevent nausea due to morning sickness.
  • You can take ginger shots to cure your cough and cold. Simply make lemon and honey ginger shots in boiling water and use them for your treatment.
  • You can make ginger shots to improve your metabolism and digestive system.

Some people love ginger shots extraordinarily. So do you wanna know how often they can take ginger shots?

How often should you take a ginger shot??

There is no harm in taking ginger shots daily. They don’t harm your body. Even if you want to lose excess weight it is recommended to take ginger shots early morning daily. They work wonders that way. Let us amaze you by telling the huge benefits of ginger shots:

Benefits of ginger shots

Gingers are super nutritious. Many benefits of ginger shots have been discussed earlier but let us tell you some more.

  • It lowers the high blood pressure and hypertension quickly.
  • It helps to maintain your sugar level.
  • It controls your cholesterol level.
  • It removes lung congestion and sore throat.
  • It relieves nasal pain and other flu issues.
  • It helps to improve your immune system.
how to make ginger shots with a blender
Benefits of ginger shots


It is often asked can you grind ginger in a blender? So the above guide briefly explains that you can make ginger shots easily with the help of a blender if you don’t have a juicer. Ginger can be ground in a blender very easily by adding some water and you can enjoy your favorite ginger shots daily.

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