How to Clean Ninja Blender Base (9 Easy Steps)

If you are using a Ninja blender in your kitchen it means you are living a comfortable life. Ninja blenders are the most selling budget-friendly and high-quality kitchen blenders these days. But to keep these blenders with you for long you need to maintain them and clean them. So read this article for guidance on how to clean Ninja blender base?

Significance of Cleaning Ninja Blenders

If you love your Ninja blender then you must keep it clean the same as you love your body and keep it clean to avoid sickness. Blenders need regular cleansing to be with you for a long time. If you don’t clean them regularly then the dirt and food particles will become stubborn and will be difficult to remove so it’s better to clean the blender every time you use them. Below mentioned are some of the significance of cleaning kitchen blenders:

How to clean Ninja blender base
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No Smell

If you want to avoid the dirty and milky smell from your ninja blenders then clean your blender after every use. Regular cleaning helps to prevent dirty and stubborn smells from your appliances.

Life Durability

When you keep your products clean it will help to increase the product life or durability. Cleaning helps the blades of the blender to remain sharpened and perform well and fast as new. Cleaning also keeps the shiny blender always shiny.

Smoothies Will Taste Good

If you keep your blenders clean then no food chunks or other food particulars will remain on your blender base or blender blades which eventually helps you to make good and tasty smoothies.

How to clean Ninja blender base

If Blender Is Not Blending

Sometimes you face the issue that your blender does not work and you can not find any cause. The common cause due to which your blender stop working is that the old food particles stick to the blender base and cause the motor jam which stops your blender from working. With regular cleaning of the ninja blender, you can avoid this major problem.

Blenders Will be Maintained

Regular cleaning the Ninja blenders helps you maintain them and keep them shiny and new. You will look organized if your kitchen is clean and organized. For detail guide on how to maintain Ninja blender, click here.

Cleaning the Ninja blender base daily will be very beneficial for you. The blender base is the most important part of the blender and keeping it clean must be your first and foremost priority and it’s not rocket science. You just need to follow some basic steps and you can maintain the durability of your ninja blender. Let’s have a look at how to clean a ninja blender base:

How Do You take apart Ninja Blender to Clean?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to take apart the Ninja blender to clean.

  • Move the blender anti-clockwise to remove it from the base.
  • Pull upward and set the pitcher aside.
  • Press the release button on the lid of the blender to open the lid of the pitcher.
  • Lift the lid upward and remove it from the blender.
  • Remove the blades from the blender carefully.
  • You can clean your blender easily.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Base? 

After reading the significance of cleaning blenders you must clean them regularly. The work done on time saves lots of time and energy. So make your cleaning easy and save your precious time by cleaning your ninja blenders regularly and removing your dirt and foods stuck to them. Let’s focus on the steps of how to clean Ninja blender base?

Precautions to be Taken

There are some precautions that you should keep in your mind before cleaning the blender base:

  • Check properly, the blender must be cool.
  • The blender must be unplugged.
  • Remove all the solid food particles which can be removable.


You should prepare these ingredients before cleaning:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Hand gloves
  • Dishwasher
  • A cup of water
  • Dish cleaning brush or a toothbrush

Separate All the Parts

The very first step in cleaning the blender base is to separate all the parts. Remove the lid from the blender jar, then remove the blender jar from the base and after that clean your blender properly. You can clean your blender base by adding a dishwasher to your blender and power on the blender as well. But washing all parts separately will deeply clean the blender base.

Cleaning the Power Base

Cleaning the blender base is too important. It is the main part of the blender. It needs attention. If it is cleaned properly your blender will last along.

First, wear hand gloves so you would not end up harming your hand. Then put some dishwasher on the toothbrush and slowly clean the blender blades and blender base.

Cannot be Soaked

You can not clean the blender base by soaking it in vinegar water or dishwasher because the motor attaches to it. You have to clean it by using a toothbrush and dishwasher. Soaking can be dangerous to your blender base.

It’s the most difficult part to clean

Your blender depends on the blender base. It must be your priority to keep your blender base clean and safe. The blender blades on the blender must be sharpened so that they can perform well. And maintaining it will help you to keep it reliable.

Don’t get hurt with blades

You must be very careful while cleaning the blender base. The blades on the blender can harm your hands. Make sure to wear hand gloves while cleaning the blender base. It is also advised to make sure that your blender must be unplugged before cleaning.

how to clean ninja blender blades
How to clean Ninja blender base?

Clean the Upper Surface Only

You can not clean the whole blender base as you clean the blender jar. You have to remove the base from the ninja blender. You can check here how to remove the ninja blender from the base. After that, you can clean your blender base appropriately.

Clean Regularly

Every time you use a blender, clean your blender base. You can check how to clean the ninja blender from the inside in the above steps. Regular cleaning blenders will help maintain your product.

To Get Rid of the Odor

If you want to get rid of the dirty smell from your blender base after cleaning it, add some vinegar to a towel and clean your blender base with that towel. It will help you to get rid of the milky smell.


After cleaning, dry them with an air dryer or dry them with a damp cloth or dish towel.

How to Clean the Ninja Blender Power Base?

You can clean the Ninja blender power base by following these steps:

  • Make sure your blender motor is cool, and the blender is unplugged.
  • Gather vinegar water, baking soda, dishwasher, hand gloves, cleaning brush, and a piece of towel.
  • Remove your blender from the base to quickly clean the Ninja blender power base.
  • With the help of a cleaning brush and dishwasher, clean the blender’s case slowly but adequately.
  • Remember to wear hand gloves to avoid any injury.
  • Now with the help of a towel, clean all the blender bases.
  • Take another towel and soak the side of the towel in vinegar water and clean the blender base.
  • Now clean the blender base with a dry piece of towel.

How do You Clean the Gasket on a Ninja Blender?

The gasket is the blender’s most superficial part of cleaning. First, remove the gasket from the base. You can use a cleaning sponge with a dishwasher to clean the gasket properly and then rinse well with warm water. The other way to clean the gasket is to soak it in the dishwasher, or you can also use a cleaning brush for this purpose.

How to Clean a Ninja Auto IQ Blender Base?

You must be careful while cleaning the Ninja Auto IQ blender base. 

  • First, wear hand gloves to avoid any injury.
  • Now remove the blender from the base.
  • Take a cleaning brush or any other brush to clean the blender base.
  • Put a little dishwasher in the brush and a drop of water.
  • Now, slowly move the cleaning brush to the blender’s base and remove all the dirty stains.
  • Clean the base with a wet cloth after cleaning with a brush.
  • In the end, clean the base with a dry towel.

How to clean a Ninja Blender Pitcher?

Remove the blender from the base and press the release button to unlock the lid of the blender. Pull the lid upward and remove the lid, and then blender blades carefully. You can soak the ninja blender pitcher in a dishwasher to wash it ideally or use a cleaning sponge for this purpose.

How to Lubricate a Ninja Blender?

Sometimes you face noise problems or performance issues with your Ninja blender. It would be best if you lubricate your blender to solve this issue because proper maintenance is necessary. You can put olive oil in the base and blades of the blender to lubricate a Ninja blender.


We have briefly described all the steps of how to clean Ninja blender base easily. Now you can follow these steps and maintain your ninja blender base and increase its stability.

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