8 proven Tips: How to reduce blender noise

There was an unforgettable incident in my life on Monday afternoon. My little cute baby girl was deep asleep, and I had to make a smoothie for a guest who came that day suddenly. I just went into the kitchen and started making a smoothie with my high-power professional Ninja blender, and alas!  With the loud annoying noise of the blender, my baby woke up, and after that, she cried out of her lungs and didn’t sleep again till night. That horrible incident made me think about how to reduce blender noise?

Blender is a must-have thing in your kitchen. You can not spend life without it, so it will not be a solution if you think you don’t use blenders due to their loud noise. You have to find ways and know how to muffle the sound of blenders. In this article, I will share all effective tricks on reducing blender noise within a second so that you can enjoy smoothies or soups anytime without any hustle while somebody in your house is sleeping or studying or is sick. 

How to reduce blender noise

Tricks: How to reduce blender noise?

Is it heart-wrenching when you spend your earnings to buy a durable high quality branded blender and end up asking yourself, why is my blender so loud? It can be a possible situation but don’t be upset, and don’t ruin your happiness. It’s normal for high-tech machines to make irritating noise while working, but there is a solution to every problem. Keep reading this blog till the end to learn how to reduce blender noise.

How to reduce blender noise
How to reduce blender noise?

Pre-planned blending

 The first and foremost method to reduce blender noise without using any tool is pre-planned blending. Do you ever think: Is it rude to use a blender at night? Absolutely yes. Blenders make noises while working, which become much louder in silence. It would help if you made a schedule of blending things, and it is a good idea to use blenders in the daytime so that nobody will feel the blender’s noise and you will do your activity without hassle. 

A piece of the towel will be a great idea

It’s not always possible to make a schedule; sometimes, you have to use blenders on an urgent basis. If you want to know what to do in that, how to reduce blender noise, then a piece of the towel will be a great idea. You don’t need to spend a penny and use the regular towel at your home. Cover your blender with that towel and start blending your stuff. You will notice the reduction in sound within a second.

Wise buying

The other helpful tip is to make your purchase wisely. If you plan to buy a highly professional and branded blender that will go with you for long, it’s better to spend your money wisely. Buy a less noisy blender for your beautiful kitchen. If you buy a less noisy blender then you don’t have to worry about how to reduce blender noise. The less noisy blenders are Breville super Q, Ninja personal blender, etc.

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Keep your blender away from the wall

The other effective method to muffle the sound of a blender is to keep your blender away from the wall. When your blender touches your kitchen wall, it will create loud noises compared to expected.

Blend in one go

It’s better to blend in a larger batch, and one goes so that you can avoid repeated blender noise. If you are making a smoothie, put all your ingredients in a blender and blend. 

Silicone mats work well

When your blender touches your countertop, it makes a vibrating sound that feels agitating to your ears. To prevent this sound, place your blender on a piece of towel or silicone mat, and then use your blender to blend things.

Blend on lower speed

Do you ever notice that the higher the blender speed, the more sound is produced? So how do you make your blender less noisy? It is simple to keep your blender on lower speed; though it will take time to blend hard ingredients well, it will be less noisy for you.

Blend in a dirty kitchen or pantry area

The other trick to reduce blender noise is to keep your blending activities in your dirty kitchen or pantry area. A messy kitchen is a portion of your kitchen that is quite far from other houses, and thus the blending activities in that area will not disturb the other members of your family.

A soundproof box is a good idea

In this modern era, you don’t need to bother searching for the solution to your problem,” how to reduce blender noise.” You can buy a soundproof box to settle the noisy blender, and you can go on. But if you don’t want to invest in purchasing a soundproof box, you can make it at your home.

Do you know how to make a soundproof box? It’s pretty simple, take a ruler, scissors, and cardboard with you, and cut the five pieces of cardboard in a square shape. Attach them all. Keep in mind that your soundproof box must be more significant than the size of your blender. Keep one side open so that you can put your blender in it. It is also an effective method to reduce the noise of a blender.

Why do blenders make so much noise?

There are many possible causes of the blender’s noise. Some blenders are designed in such a way that they create loud noise while their motor is running. But some are not noisy, but when their parts get loose or anything stuck in them, they make loud irritating noise that needs to be treated through machine oiling or maintaining the blender or repairing them in a manner that they become less noisy. 


Noisy blenders are significant problems of this technological era, but humans are incredible creatures. He found the solution to every problem. In this article, we concluded all the possible ways to reduce blender noise so that you can easily apply them according to your situation without worrying. 

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