How to clean the NutriBullet blender base

Summers are at their peak. Did you make a slush or smoothie in your NutriBullet for your juice craving? Did you enjoy it? But it is time to clean the used blender. Nutribullet is a bullet-style blender and also comes in a pitcher style that is different from Ninja or Vitamix blenders. Do you wonder how to clean the Nutribullet blender base?

Don’t dwell on this, in the next five minutes we are going to solve your problem without any hustle, just read till the end.

NutriBullet is the best compact blender with a high-speed motor and compatible capacity. It is a great blender for making different smoothies and shakes. It is a great-selling blender and provides a hassle-free cleaning facility. But the thing is how to clean the NutriBullet blender base properly and remove the dirty milky smell from it. So, let’s discuss it below in detail:

How to clean the nutribullet blender base
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Steps: How to clean the Nutribullet blender base?

The base is the prior part of every blender and its cleaning is necessary. But it is very tricky to clean the blender base because every blender is designed in the way that motor and control settings are attached to the base of the blender and water can harm the settings of the blender. So follow these steps of how to clean the nutribullet blender base properly:

Be careful

Remember the basic rule of thumb, you need to do the cleaning activity with complete relaxation. Be careful and focused while performing the cleaning process because the control system the main part of the blender is set up in the blender base, if you by any chance put water in it you will end up damaging your precious blender.

Remove the parts

When you get yourself prepared for cleaning then remove the pitcher and the blades from the nutribullet blender base so that you can easily clean it. You can soak the plastic pitcher and blades in the dishwasher or vinegar water for half an hour to clean them perfectly but for the base, the case will be different.

Use cleaning brush

When you buy a nutribullet blender you will get a cleaning brush with it. So, the solution of how to clean the nutribullet blender base is simple! Clean it by using a cleaning brush. Pour some dishwashers into the wet cleaning brush and slightly move that brush on the blender base. After that use a damp towel to clean it.

Vinegar method

If your Nutribullet blender base smells rotten or stinks even after washing then you can apply the vinegar method to it. Put half a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and a half cup of water in it. Now dilute it well. Spray over the blender base and leave it for 15 minutes to get rid of the dirty smell.

how to clean a blender with vinegar?

Use damp towel

If you didn’t create any mess while blending with your Nutribullet then simply use a damp piece of towel to clean your Nutribullet blender base. And if your blender gets dirty then after cleaning it with a brush use a damp cloth instead of winding it with water. A damp towel will help you to prevent your Nutribullet from getting damaged.

Dry it

The last step of Nutribullet base cleaning is to pat dry your blender base. For this purpose use a dry piece of towel and simply dry your blender base.

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Related FAQS

How do you remove the base from a Nutribullet blender?

Before following the steps of how to clean the Nutribullet blender base you must know how to remove the base from the blender. It is pretty simple to remove the Nutribullet blender from the base. Simply rotate your plastic pitcher clockwise and then pull it upward. Then remove the portion of the blade in the same way, rotate it in a clockwise direction, and pull upward.

What is the brown stuff coming out of my Nutribullet?

 It is compulsory to change your blender blades after every six months or at least after one year. If you don’t change it and continue with one blade for long then after some time a black oil starts coming out from the bottom of your blender blades and when it dries it sticks to your blender and whenever you use your blender this stuff burns and become brown and when you focus you become worried that what is that stuff coming out of your Nutribullet. So, it’s better to clean your blender blades properly with every use and change them with new blades after at least a year.

How to remove the blades from the Nutribullet blender?

The Nutribullet blender is a bullet-style blender and the best thing about this blender rid that you can remove its blades anytime for any purpose. You can follow these steps to remove the Nutribullet blender blades:

  •  To prevent your hands from getting injured, don’t remove the pitcher first. 
  • Let it be attached to the blades.
  • Now, hold the blender base and the portion of the blade with the other hand.
  • Rotate the blade portion in a clockwise direction.
  • Pull it upward and simply remove the blades from the base.
how to clean ninja blender blades


In this article, we explained in detail how to clean the NutriBullet blender base properly because cleaning is an important and tricky task that you need to perform after every use for the better performance of your blender and to keep your blender with you for long.

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