Immersion blender splatter | 7 simple tips

Immersion blenders are a great product to use in the family of blenders, but immersion blender splatter is a huge problem. It makes your kitchen messy within seconds. You will find thousands of the best immersion blenders on the market, but you will never find one which guarantees you to work without splattering because it is not the feature you need to find out in an immersion blender; it is an art that you have to learn.

immersion blender splatter

Benefits of immersion blenders

If you think about quitting buying an immersion blender due to splattering then you will surely  make a big mistake because immersion blenders have profound benefits, which are mentioned below:

  • Immersion blenders save lots of the time that you would spend washing jars. You can directly use them in your pots or bowls and can make three dishes in the time of one.  
  • Immersion blenders are a quick reach for you for your healthy morning smoothies. You can quickly make smoothies every day with the help of immersion blenders.
  • Immersion blenders are pretty easy to operate. Just plug in the immersion blenders and put them in the pot or bowl, and simply switch it on.
  • Cleaning immersion blenders are also accessible. Just use them and remove the immersion blender’s upper part and wash it with the dishwasher safely.
  • Immersion blenders are a good choice for working ladies. They can use them for their blending purposes without saving time and energy.

So as you see, immersion blenders have uncountable benefits, but if you want to go through them in detail, check the Functional benefits of immersion blenders.

Now let’s come to your problem, immersion blender splatters a lot. How do you overcome that trouble? Don’t agonize more! In this guide, we will share all possible methods to help you solve your problem quickly. Just keep reading till the end.

immersion blender splatter
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How to avoid immersion blender splatter?

Immersion blender splatters a lot and makes your beautiful kitchen tiles dirty, leaves smoothies, stains, and a dirty milky smell, all over your countertop. It keeps you away from using it without fear. Still, after reading this guide, you can easily use an immersion blender without this fear because we will share all the possible tricks and tips to avoid immersion blender splatters. Check out the below-mentioned list:

  • Bigger container
  • Correct angle
  • On and off strategy
  • Container attachment
  • Focus on the Hand rule
  • Avoid vortex motion
  • Maintain speed
  • Diameter of potĀ 
immersion blender splatter

Bigger container

The first trick to help you minimize the risk of an immersion blender splatter is to consider choosing a more enormous container than the number of ingredients. The container must have the highest-sided and smallest diameter because the highest sides help to blend within the container, and the smallest diameter lets the blender get all the food in the container quickly.

Correct angle

Focus on the angle of blending to avoid immersion blender splatter. Keep your immersion blender moving within the liquid, don’t move here or there in empty spaces with little juice. Remember, it’s not a game to play. Try to hold the blender straight at the bottom of the container because it will surely be the correct angle. Try using the soup pots; they will be less messy and helpful in avoiding immersion blenders splatter.

On and off strategy

As it is said, work smarter rather than work harder. So learn the on and off strategy first. Don’t continue the blender when it is in the food; try to turn on and off the blender so you will be successful in keeping the blades and its hook submerged. Start blending from the top of the container and slow down and back up. Switch off the blender for a while, gather the food chunks into the blades and again switch on. This strategy will help you blend perfectly without splashing a single drop.

Container attachment

Container attachments are a quick solution to avoiding immersion blender splatter. Simply go to the market and buy the best attachment that fits your container. Use it to cover your food and perform your blending activity with complete relaxation.

Focus on the Hand rule

Hand rule plays a vital role in avoiding immersion blender splatter. Now that is a hand rule? So keep your hand grip right and your hand movement vertical. Don’t blend in a round or horizontal motion. By practicing it regularly, you will get yourself used to it.

Avoid vortex motion

Creating a vortex while blending is expected because we generally agree on a circular motion. It will help avoid immersion blender splatter and mess in your kitchen. Just make one rule: whenever you feel a vortex in your container, switch off the blender immediately or change the direction of blending.

Maintain speed

If your immersion blender has a variable speed feature, it’s advised to blend all the food at low speed first and let me chop uniformly, then speed up your blender to get a liquid consistency. If you are blending frozen fruits, then blending first at low speed will be time-consuming, but it will help you avoid immersion blender splatter.

Diameter of container

Consider the diameter of a container according to the quantity of food or ingredients. The larger container for perfect coffee with a small amount of one cup of coffee ingredients will make your kitchen too messy compared to the mug you will use to make one cup of coffee. Better use a container or pitcher according to the food quantity so the blender can easily cover all food under its blades.

So these are the tested tips and tricks which can work well if you want to avoid immersion blender splatter and make your daily smoothie with immersion blender without getting your kitchen messy. Now, if you’re going to buy the best immersion blender for your kitchen, then check the list of best immersion blenders below:

  • Breville control grip immersion blender
  • Vitamix immersion blender
  • Kitchen aid cordless immersion blender
  • Kitchen aid 5-speed immersion blender
  • Cuisinart CSB immersion blender

Related FAQs

Why does my immersion blender splatter?

The immersion blender splatters because sometimes, while blending food chinks are stuck into the blades of the blender, creating a mess in the whole bowl of liquid which causes splashing. There is no fault for immersion blenders; the appliance has taken over the entire blending world and is used primarily in every kitchen. It would help if you learned only the immersion blender technique.

Are immersion blenders messy?

Immersion blenders are not messy, but if you don’t know the right technique to use them ideally, you will undoubtedly end up creating your kitchen dirty.

What is an immersion blender, and how does it work?

An immersion blender is a versatile tool used in almost every kitchen to perform various kitchen activities. It immerses the blender blades into ingredients. That’s why it is known as an immersion blender. It works simply. You must put it in your ingredient container and switch on the blender to blend your food.

Why do you need an immersion blender?

Immersion blenders have an uncountable advantage, like it saves your time. And energy works wonderfully within minutes, keeps you from washing dozens of dishes because it directly blends in the pot, and many more; all these reasons clear it’s needed in your blender, which urge you to buy them as soon as possible.

Is an immersion blender worth it?

Immersion blenders are the most popular and widely used blenders worldwide, which justify their worth. They are pretty easy to operate and provide the facility of easy to clean. It is a versatile blender with hundreds of benefits and unique sharp blades that can help you make perfect smoothies or make tomato paste purees. It is also helpful in making whipped cream quickly. It provides you the comfort of making a daily morning smoothie without any hassle of putting ingredients in a pitcher and covering it. After using that pitcher and other parts like regular blenders, you have to do.


Immersion blenders are a simple kitchen tool used almost daily in your kitchen life. But if you are tired of immersion blender splatter, then you should read the guide mentioned above to learn how to use immersion blender without creating mess and keep your kitchen clean.

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