How to remove Vitamix blades | 6 easy steps

Vitamix is the most popular brand around the world with outstanding quality. It is one of the best blenders for perfect smoothies or summertime drinks. But its blades are not removable, and if accidentally you spill juice inside the blender, then how to remove Vitamix blades. It’s a matter of concern.

In this guide, we will briefly reveal the possible methods on how to remove Vitamix blades. But wait! Do you know who first manufactured a Vitamix blender? Vitamix is an American company owned by the Barnard family since 1921. And in 1969, a blender with the name Vita-Mix was released by Bill Barnard. He first introduced a highly professional and powerful blender with a great life.

Why should you buy a Vitamix blender?

Vitamix blenders have uncountable benefits which insist you buy them.

  • It helps make different kinds of baby purees.
  • It helps you beat eggs and other mixtures for baking items and desserts.
  • It makes delicious fruit smoothies.
  • It works wonders for making hot thick, and creamy soups.
  • You can make delicious dips and sauces for your steaks and BBQs with Vitamix blenders.
  • You can use Vitamix to make tomato pastes for your dishes.
  • Vitamix sharp blade blender is terrific for making peanut butter for others but includes items.
  • If you are a true fan of shakes and juices, then Vitamix is great for frozen fruits.
  • Leafy veggies do not create hassle in Vitamix blenders.
  • If you want to make spreads for your breakfast, then Vitamix is a good choice.
How to remove Vitamix blades
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After the advantages mentioned above of the Vitamix blender, you should buy the Vitamix blender without any second thought. And, it is necessary to know how to remove Vitamix blades if you accidentally spill out soups or your peanut butter badly sticks to your blender’s bottom, and you cannot clean it without removing the blades.

Read below the step-by-step guide on how to remove Vitamix blades:

Gather tools

In the process of removing Vitamix blades, first, you need to gather all the tools like your Vitamix blender, a piece of towel to handle the sharp blades avoiding injury to your hand, and a nut wrench( tool to remove blades).

Unplug the Vitamix blender

Make sure your blender is unplugged. It is the most important thing to notice and a precaution to avoid any mishap. If your blender motor gets started accidentally, you will end up harming your fingers while removing the blades. Better perform this activity with a relaxing mind and free time to prevent any casualty.

Remove the blender from the base

First, remove the Vitamix blender from the base carefully. It would be best if you opened the blender blades from the bottom of the pitcher. That is why it’s better to remove the blender from the base. Turn the blender according to the mentioned direction( from left to right) and pull upward after it becomes loose to remove the blender from the base.

Attach the retainer nut to the bottom

Place a piece of the towel under your blender. Remove the lid of the Vitamix blender, and then turn your blender upside down. Now place the retainer nut on the bottom of the blender; it will fix your drive socket nicely.

Move the wrench in a circular motion

Your nut retainer will only fix one way, to open the blades, move the wrench to the other side forcefully to loosen the drive socket, remove the tool, and turn your blender carefully.

Remove blender blades

Place the towel over your blender blades and hold them carefully. You must be careful in this process because the sharpened Vitamix blades might harm your fingers. Move the drive socket with the other hand and remove it. With the help of a towel, assemble the blades right out.

Now you can easily wash your blender blades and your blender pitcher properly with the help of a dishwasher or vinegar method. If you want to change the blender blades, this process is the best for this purpose.

Related FAQs

Are Vitamix blades removable?

Vitamin blender blades are not easily removable, but in case of an emergency, you can remove the blender blades through a retainer nut wrench method mentioned in detail above.

Can you sharpen the Vitamix blades?

Yeah, you can sharpen the Vitamix blades easily. Vitamin already has sharp stainless steel blades, but if your blender is old and your blender blades get dull, then it is better to remove the blender blades and sharpen them or change the existing blades with the new blades.

Vitamin wrench substitute

If you don’t own a blade wrench, you can use a wrench substitute to remove the blender blades easily. You can use a screwdriver to remove Vitamix blender blades. Place screwdriver on screw fixed inside the blender and hold the blender by another hand with the blender holder. Move the screwdriver in a clockwise direction, and you will remove your blender blades. You can also remove blender blades through any other tool like a retainer nut at your home.

Best tool for removing Vitamix blades

Retainer nut is one of the best tools to remove the Vitamix blender blades comfortably. This tool is solely designed to remove the blender blades. You should keep one at your home for emergencies, but you can also use a screwdriver as a substitute for a retainer nut.

Reasons for removing Vitamix blades

Vitamix blades are not removable, but below mentioned reasons will definitely make you think about how to remove Vitamix blades:

  • You accidentally spill out the liquid which you blend.
  • Any sticky item like butter or soup sticks to the blender’s base badly.
  • You have to change the old blender blades with new ones.


Vitamix blender needs proper maintenance for long-lasting life and better performance. You have to remove the blender blades anytime for specific cleaning purposes or replace the old blender blades with new ones. This guide has all the necessary details on removing Vitamix blades efficiently with all precautions without hurting your fingers.

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