Why is my blender leaking | 9 possible reasons

What’s more unexpected disaster than your blender leaking suddenly one morning when you want to enjoy a quick grape juice and you end up creating a mess in your kitchen? To prevent these unpredictable situations you should first know why is my blender leaking?

There can be a dozen reasons why your blender is leaking but it does not mean that you should not use a blender or should not buy one for your kitchen. Besides this disadvantage, blenders have many other advantages as well which are mentioned below:

  • Blenders help make quick early morning breakfasts like delicious smoothies, perfect shakes, or delightful peanut butter.
  • They help you to make baby puree anytime without costing your precious time and effort.
  • Blenders can be used to make tomato paste for your urgent main course dishes or they can be used to crush spices for true aroma.
  • You can make tasty salsas, salad dressings, dip sauces, or dessert toppings easily with the help of blenders.
  • Blenders are a versatile product used to make slushies for your guests or coffee for your cold winter nights.

But anytime you face a problem of leakage in your blender and have a mess in your kitchen then don’t fret, read this guide to answer why is my blender leaking and find the accurate solution to your problem.

why is my blender leaking?
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9 Reasons: why is my blender leaking?

Your blender doesn’t need to get damaged, that’s why it is leaking. Sometimes when you don’t fix the parts of your blender correctly, you face leaking issues in the other blender. Below mentioned is the list of all those possible reasons why your blender might leak.

Rubber gasket wear and tear

The biggest reason why your blender is leaking is the rubber gasket wear and tear. Rubber gasket A rubber main part of your blender and it plays a vital role in preventing you from any mess created by your blender. It is an O-shaped ring O-shaped under the blades at the base of your blender. Anytime your blender starts leaking, first check for the blender’s rubber gasket, whether it is torn or got damaged due to any reason that caused your blender to leak.

Crack in your glass jar

If your blender has a glass jar then the other reason for your blender leakage might be the cracked glass jar. Blender jars are designed to resist heat, cold, moisture, and other atmospheric changes but it is not impossible. So if you checked the rubber gasket and it is fine then check for the glass jar next to find the reason for your blender leakage.

why is my blender leaking?

Screwed blades

Some blenders facilitate disassembling all the parts for proper cleaning so in that case, the leakage may be due to the incorrectly fixed blender blades but if you didn’t screw your blades properly then they will come out automatically when your start your blender so it will not be a big deal but it will create a huge mess. There can be a case that if you unscrew your blender blades for any purpose( in a blender that doesn’t provide a facility for assembling) then you didn’t screw it properly, it’s better to check it quickly.

Blender not correctly fixed to the base

Other reason of Why is my blender leaking is there is a proper method of fixing the blender jar to the blender base and if you don’t align your blender correctly to the base then the liquid will flow out to your blender and seems like leakage in your blender. It is not damaged in your blender but it is only a minor mistake that causes a huge mess and leakage.

Trapped food leftovers

When you don’t clean your blender regularly and appropriately then your food gets trapped in the blade and bottom of the blender and will create hurdles in the proper working of your blender. Among the hurdles, one is blender leakage. The trapped leftovers don’t let you blend your food and the liquid among your ingredients starts leaking from the blender.

Not enough lubrication

If you blend any frozen item of hard ingredients without pouring some liquid into your blender then eventually your blender starts leaking due to jam in the blades or the machine gears. 

Gasket is missing

The gasket is the main part of your blender which keeps your blender from leaking. Sometimes when you are in hurry and forget to fix the rubber gasket between your blender base and blender jar then due to the missing gasket your blender starts leaking and repainting your kitchen walls badly.

Not locked properly

Some blenders provide a locking facility and you can not start your blender unless you lock your blender, it is the plus point of any blender but if your blender doesn’t facilitate with locking facility then not properly locking the lid of your blender can cause a leakage problem and make your kitchen countertop dirty.

Over filling issue

If you overfill the glass of water then it starts leaking similarly if you overfill your blender jar and want to blend in at one go then it will also start leaking from the top and create a huge mess instead of minimizing your activity, you will end up increasing your mess.

After reading the above-mentioned reason why is my blender leaking? You probably want to know the solutions how to fix the blender leakage so read further to find the solutions to your problems:

How to fix the blender leakage?

 After identifying some common reasons on Why is my blender leaking you should read the solution to your problems and fix them accordingly:

Change rubber gasket

If your blender’s rubber gasket got torn or damaged then you need to buy a new one to replace it with the old one to avoid leakage in your blender the next time.

Change glass jar

If you found the reason for the blender leakage is a cracked glass jar then better replace your blender’s glass jar with a new one because it is the only solution to this problem. The cracked glass jar can not be repaired.

Correctly screw the blades

If your blades are not correctly screwed then be relaxed and screw your blender blades properly for the proper functioning of your blender without facing leakage issues. You can check here how to remove blender blades.

Correctly fix the base

If your blender is leaking due to incorrect fixing of the blender to the blender base then empty your blender immediately and properly fix the blender to the base and solve your issue without spending a penny.

Clean your blender properly

If you found out that your blender is leaking because the previous food has been trapped in your blender then empty your current ingredients and disassemble your blender, soak the pitcher and blades in the soapy warm water and clean the blender base with a dishwasher and cleaning brush and remove all the food particles trapped into your blender bottom.

Lubricate properly

If you found out that the reason for your problem why is my blender leaking is lack of lubrication then properly lubricate it.Lubrication is a must in a week for the proper functioning of your blender. If you feel that your blender is leaking due to jam in the blender blades or blender gear then better to lubricate the blender first and then use it.

Fix the gasket

When you feel like your blender’s gasket is not properly fixed to the blender base then better to empty your blender promptly, disassemble it, and fix the gasket again but this time correctly.

Lock properly

If your blender doesn’t provide the facility of locking the blender then make sure to fix the blender jar accurately and not only this cover your blender lid the same way as mentioned in the instruction book of your blender.

Don’t overfill

Instead of overfilling your blender and creating a high mess in your kitchen, divide your food into small batches and blend them then wisely without overfilling it and according to the leaking blender.

why is my blender leaking?

Why is my blender leaking black liquid?

Sometimes your blender starts leaking black liquid and gives you freaking tension but if you will come to know the reasons for this problem you will not fret again. The reasons can be:

  • Your blender becomes too old and needs maintenance or replacement with a new one.
  • Your rubber gasket gets damaged and the liquid is coming from it melting again and again due to the blender working.
  • The previous food particles have been stuck to your blender and now they are causing the black liquid to come out of your blender.

Related FAQs

How do you seal a blender?

You can seal the blender correctly by placing a rubber gasket accurately between your blender jar and your blender base. It seals your blender and prevents leakage in your blender.

Why is my Ninja blender leaking?

If your Ninja blender is old and leaking then it is recommended to go for maintenance of your blender or replace it with a new one but if your blender is not of much age then better check for some common reasons for your Ninja blender leakage like wear and tear of your blenders rubber gasket, wrong screw of your blender blades, your blender is not properly lubricated, etc.

Do I need to replace my blender with a new one if it starts leaking?

Not always. Sometimes the leakage is not due to damage to your blender but there can be several reasons for a leakage into your blender like you didn’t place your rubber gasket correctly, you didn’t cover the lid of your blender accurately, and you overfilled your blender, etc.


Why is my blender leaking? It is a  serious problem and can panic you any time in the morning suddenly but if you read the above guide properly then you can solve your problem at home within a seconds and save yourself from any big mess.

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