Can you put hot liquids in a Ninja blender

Ninja blenders are the most selling versatile blenders. They are basic blenders for your kitchen which are pretty easy to operate. It has great models that contain amazing features. But Can you put hot liquids in a Ninja blender? Is a true problem to be worried about. This guide is all about answering your question in detail.

Can you put hot liquids in a Ninja blender?

Yes, you can put hot liquids in a Ninja blender without worrying much. There are some specially designed models of ninja blenders that can easily handle hot liquids well with their great heating power and thermal protection ability. So no doubt you can use Ninja blenders for hot soups, sauces and many other things.

Best Ninja blenders for hot liquids
Can you put hot liquids in a Ninja blender

Some of the best Ninja blenders that are helpful for hot liquids are mentioned below:

Best Ninja blenders for hot liquids 

Ninja foodie SS201 is the best Ninja blender for hot liquids. It is the best 4 in 1 blender which includes smoothie bowl maker, crushing blender, dough mixer and food processor. It has a powerful motor of 1400 watts with sharp stainless steel nutrient extraction blades. It has an extra large capacity of about 72 oz for large batches of content.

You can put any ingredient in this blender like you can blend nuts, frozen fruits, you can make smoothies and many other things. It has six preset auto IQ program settings with pulse feature and highly professional speed. It contains a dishwasher-safe BPA-free jar that is easily washable and LCD. No doubt this blender is worth buying.

Tips and tricks to blend hot liquids in a Ninja blender 

There are some precautions you should consider before making hot liquids into the Ninja blender. They are given below:

  • Don’t put extremely hot liquid into your blender. Let it cool a bit first and release all the steam before covering the lid so the blender can do its job correctly.
  • Don’t Remove the cover lid immediately after blending stuff because the steam pressure will split all your content.
  • Don’t refill your blender with the hot liquids.
Best Ninja blenders for hot liquids
Can you put hot liquids in a Ninja blender

Best blenders for hot liquids

How to make hot liquids into a Ninja blender?

Making hot liquids into the Ninja blender is quite easy because Ninja is one of the easy to operate blenders. Follow below mentioned steps and get your hot liquids done:

  • Fill the Ninja blender container with hot liquid like hot soups, hot coffees etc.
  • Add all other ingredients like veggies and sauces for soups, and milk and sugar for coffees.
  • Cover the lid and if your blender has a separate soup setting then turn it on and blend well.
  • Let your blender do the rest.
  • Enjoy your delicious hot liquids when it get done.

Related FAQs 

Can you blend hot liquids in a regular blender?

No you can not blend hot liquids like hot coffee or hot soups into a regular blender because the heat of these liquids will damage your blender’s container and blades as well and ruin your blender working ability. So must check for best blenders for hot liquids if you want to blend any hot item into the blender.

Can you put hot coffee in a Ninja blender?

There are some special NInja blender that can easily handle hot coffee or any other hot liquids. They Have vented lid and some have vacuum feature that can release pressure made from steam and good quality pitcher that will not get damaged by hot liquids.

Why do hot liquid explode in a blender?

Sometimes hot liquid explode in the blender because when you put extremely hot liquid in a blender and cover the blender lid then  a pressure will produce and that pressure or air cause explosion into the blender.


Ninja blenders are the best selling blenders and they have different specialized blenders and each of them contains a unique feature. Among those they are some Ninja blender models that can help you with hot liquids without any hassle.

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