How to sharpen Ninja blender blades 7 steps

Ninja is the most popular and well-known brand which manufactures quality and durable kitchen blenders. But once you buy a Ninja blender for your kitchen then after a long time of usage whenever you feel your blender’s original blades get dull you think of sharpening them instead of replacing them with a new one. So, How to sharpen Ninja blender blades? It is a stressful question but doesn’t worry further in this guide you will get a very satisfactory answer to your question in detail.

Sharpening blender blades are way easy as compared to replacing them and is also budget-friendly. Ninja has four primary blades, two pointing up and two down while the one sharp blade points upwards solely in the center that can be used to make any recipe of your choice, it works wonders for chopping, grinding, and cutting, pureeing, or even for frozen items.

Below mentioned is the step-by-step guide on How to sharpen Ninja blender blades?

How to sharpen Ninja blender blades?

Remember a basic rule of thumb, if your Ninja blender blades are damaged then it is advised to replace them with new ones but if they just get dull then you can no doubt sharpen them.

Your blender blades are made-up of metal and can be easily sharpened by using the appropriate tool. Follow the below-mentioned steps on How to sharpen Ninja blender blades?

How to sharpen Ninja blender blades
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Gather correct tools

You can buy a sharpened stone to sharpen your Ninja blender blades perfectly. A sharpening stone works wonders more than any other tool, it is a type of square rectangle-shaped stone that looks normal but is used to sharpen your blender blades for better performance. The other option is that you can go for any other sharpened tool if you like.

Unplugged your blender

Make sure to unplug your Ninja blender before sharpening your blender blades so you can prevent harming your hand and can avoid any electrical danger because safety always comes first.

Wash if necessary

It is important to check that no food particle or chunk should remain in your blender blades or blender base before you sharpen the blender blades because it will unnerve your purpose. Wash your blender with the help of self-cleaning mode if available once before sharpening the blades and air dry it properly.

Remove your Ninja blender jug

You can not sharpen your Ninja blender blades without disassembling a blender. First, remove the lid of the blender and then slightly move the blender jug in a circular motion and pull upward to remove the jug of the blender.

Removed the blender blades

Now unscrew the blender blades from the bottom of the blender base and remove the blender blades. You can check the detailed guide on how to remove the blender blades. It’s better to keep a piece of cloth under your blender and use hard hand gloves while removing the blender blades to avoid any injury.

Sharpen the blades

Take the blender blades in one hand and place the edge of the blades on the sharpening stone and rub it back and forth. Perform this activity carefully, don’t be too harsh. It’s good if you spray some on the sharpening stone for better results. Repeat the case for the other side and similarly for the other blade. Keep your body away from the blade to deter any accidental injury.

Check the results

When you are done sharpening your blender blades, assemble your blender again step by step first attach the blades and then the pitcher and then cover it with a lid and put any ingredients to check if your blender blades get sharpened or not, and switch on the blender. If your blender is working well then you are done with sharpening your Ninja blender blades but if not then repeat the process. 

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You can sharpen or Ninja blender blades through the following method but you can also apply a homemade method to sharpen your Ninja blender blades. Check below for How to sharpen Ninja blender blades at home?

How to sharpen Ninja blender blades with eggshells?

Whenever you use an egg to cook or to eat, don’t throw its shell and freeze it for later use. These frozen eggshells can be used to sharpen your blender blades. Follow these steps:

  • Put a handful of eggshells into your blender.
  • Add water and cover these eggshells with it.
  • Cover the lid and blend it well.
  • Empty the blender and wash it with soapy water or dishwasher.
  • Put your smoothie ingredients and make a delicious smoothie with your sharp blades Ninja blender perfectly.
How to sharpen Ninja blender blades

How to sharpen Ninja blender blades with salt?

The whole process of sharpening Ninja blender blades with the help of rock salt will only take 10 to 20 minutes. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Put the crystal-formed rock salt into the blender and cover the blender lid.
  • Switch on the blender to blend. It’s better to use the pulse option for this activity so that you can easily turn on and off the blender without running continuously.
  • If your piece of rock salt is broken then remove it and add a new one. Don’t let the rock salt become a powder.
  • Continue this activity for about ten minutes and then empty your jar and rinse well.
  • Now if you put your ingredients to blend you will see that your blades are sharper than before.
How to sharpen Ninja blender blades

Related FAQs

Should blender blades be sharp?

Kitchen blenders are used to cut, chop, grind or blend ingredients well purpose for making smoothies, soups, purees, etc so it’s better if you have a sharp-bladed blender. It helps you perform your activities without any hassle and as a result, you will get pure liquified stuff instead of food chunks.

Can you sharpen Nutribullet blades?

Yes, you can sharpen Nutribullet blender blades easily with the help of sharpening stone, rock salt, or any other sharpening tool. Simply remove the blades from the blade and rub its edges on the sharpening stone do it for every side of the blade and all the blades and get your blades sharpened.

How to sharpen Vitamix blender blades?

Vitamix is a highly professional blender brand and it offers great durability with amazing quality products thus if your Vitamix blender blades get dull you can sharpen them by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Unplug the blender.
  • Remove the blender jar and blender blades.
  • Pour some. water over the sharpening stone.
  • Put the sedge of the blade on the sharpening stone and rub it carefully.
  • Get your Vitamix blender blades sharpened.

When to sharpen blender blades?

Whenever after a long time of using your blender blades get dull but your overall blender is performing well so it is advised to sharpen your blender blades there are different methods for this purpose some of which are mentioned above. You can also replace the blade but it will be more costly and time-consuming so it is better to sharpen them.


It is not easy to replace the most important original part like the blades of the Ninja blender anytime you need and you can not afford to buy new ones after every six to twelve months so it is recommended to sharpen your blender blades at first when your blender blades get dull for this purpose you can read above guide on How to sharpen Ninja blender blades? This guide contains every basic step to consider while sharpening your blender blades.

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